How much was it to mail a letter in the pony express?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How much was it to mail a letter in the pony express?
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How much did it cost to mail a letter on the Pony Express?

It was $5.00 per half ounce or at today's rate $85.00.

The pony express carried freight passengers and mail by stagecoach?

The Pony Express carried mail by horseback.

What were the causes of the pony express?

The causes for the pony express were so mail could go around the country. and then the pony express was replaced by trains carrying mail.

What did pony express rider carry?


What was the pony express?

the pony express is a mail delivery service running from St. Joseph to Sacramento

When was the last drop of mail for the pony express?

The date the Pony Express ended was at the year 1861

Why did people prefer the pony express?

It was a faster way to communicate. Before the Pony Express mail took months to be delivered, but because of the Pony Express people got their mail in 10 days or less.

What was the purpose of pony express?

a mail deliver

Why was the pony express start?

The pony express was started because the people on the east wanted to get mail from the west faster.

What was the mail system in the west called?

Pony Express

Why did the pony express started?

to give mail to others

What are the release dates for Pony Express - 1959 Mail for a Male 1-23?

Pony Express - 1959 Mail for a Male 1-23 was released on: USA: 1960