How much was trademe sold for?

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It was sold to Fairfax in 2006 for NZ$750million.
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How much were the Pittsburgh Steelers sold for?

The Steelers were never sold. They were founded on July 8, 1933 as the Pittsburgh Pirates by Art Rooney Sr. The Rooney family still owns the Steelers till this day.

How much was 'Starry Night' sold for?

The famous painting Starry Night by van Gogh is the property of the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. This painting was bequeathed to the museum by Lillie Bliss in 1929, and has not been for sale since then. It is highly unlikely that the museum would sell one of its most prized possessions. Forget the ( Full Answer )

How much can a book be sold for?

A book can be sold for a penny or a million dollars. It depends onthe rarity, condition, how big or small it is as far as the pagesgo, etc. The average price for a book is $9.99-$19.99.

How much were African slaves sold for?

Slaves were sold in auctions and with a cost between $125 to $380during the early 1800s. Slaves that had more skills and could breedwere auctioned off at a higher price.

How much is a pound of gold sold for?

Hi, The spot price of gold is quoted in Troy Ounces, and a Troy Pound is equal to 12 Troy Ounces. So, as of August 2010, one pound of pure gold is worth about $1200 * 12 = $14400.

How much has Styx sold?

15 studio albums, 29 total (including live and compilations) Styx was also the first band to accomplish 4 triple platinum albums in a row.

What is Trademe?

Trademe is an oline Tradeing business where people can buy and sell things all over New Zealand.. If you are looking to buy a house,find a wife/ husband, sell you pet, look up trademe. to find what your looking for.

Find out how much a car sold for?

can't really understand your question. you mean how to find out how much a car can be sold? you can check out some free car classifieds sites and compare prices to get idea with regards to how much is the value of a car. the mileage and condition of the car is a great factor when pricing a car.

How much did slaves get sold for?

they wpould be sold for about ten thousand dollars but a healthy one would be sold for thirty thousand

How much coffee is sold in the world?

In the year 2003, coffee was the world's sixth-largest legal agricultural export in value ($$). From 1998 to 2000, 6.7 million tons of coffee were produced every year. It's predicted that by 2010 production will rise to 7 million tons annually. Source :

How much was the first computer sold for?

ENIAC cost the Army $500,000 UNIVAC cost the census bureau $250,000 because that is what the contract said. However Remington Rand calculated that to make a profit the machines should really sell for $2,500,000 so prices for UNIVAC rose rapidly after that on later units.

How much candy is sold at Halloween?

Unimaginable amounts! Approximately 598 million pounds or $1.9 billions worth of candy is sold during the Halloweenseason. Nearly 90 million pounds of the candy sold during Halloweenweek is chocolate.

How much anime is sold in the US?

there is no excact answere for that cause theres to many especially in the 1990's so we have lots and lots of anime just no excact answer.

How much was the island Manhattan sold for?

Peter Minuit paid in trade goods with a value of 60 guilders or about $1,000.00 not the $24.00 worth of beads and trinkets that some allege.

How much was Alaska sold for?

It was 7.2 million dollars or about 2 cents per acre. Russia sold Alaska for $7.2 million to the United States .

How much were children slaves sold for?

Im not exaclty sure what the number is, all I know is that they were cheaper than Adults, because they had to be raised and fed until they could provide good work.

How much was the WWE sold for?

Hi, this is wwe chairman Vince McMahon. This act is just part of a storyline, and I have not sold raw. Thanks.

How much were Chelsea fc sold for?

Chelsea were sold to Ken Bates for £1 in 1982 but Roman Abramovich bought the club for £150 million in the summer of 2003

How much was cattle sold for in the 1800s?

In the early to mid-1800's cattle was sold for shillings, shillings are coins that the colonists used to pay for things with like today's' dollar bills back to the subject cattle was sold for about 3 shillings or more.

How much was going to the match sold for?

The Sotheby's auction for Going to the match took place in December 1999. The picture was then expected to be sold for about half a million pounds... Actually, it was bought by the Professional Footballers' Association for a record £1,926,500 (almost 3,000,000$).

How do you cancel a trademe account?

easy just google search trademe once your on the home page click on site help then search deleting account and click on apply for a refund of your account and you just provide them with information why hope this helps

How much can you get if you sold your electric guitar?

depends what the quality is and what make it is. a genuin Gibson could be from £1000-£20000 or maybe more. other make could be £100. so it just depends. look it up about your make. hope this helps

How much are thizz pills sold for?

Depends, most of the time it's 10 dollars but if you get it at actual raves and clubs it could be up to 50 bucks

How much a house sold for?

A house can be sold for basically any price. It really just depends on the size, location, and quality of the home being sold.

How much house sold for?

Houses are a great asset today. Now is the time to buy if you can due to prices being lower than they have been in years. To see what houses are going for today, you can look at your local MLS to see what they are listed for , and often a selling price. You can also request records from a local gove ( Full Answer )

How much is Cyclone sold for at Maximuscle?

This is sold in the United Kingdom by an online store only. The price starts at about 36.00 dollars for the smallest size tub of this muscle supplement powder.

Do slaves ever get sold and for how much?

Slavery is still alive today. It mostly deals with prostitutes and as for how much, well it all depends on the prostitutes and the person she's working/dealing with.

How much was the eniac computer sold?

ENIAC was never sold, it was built to order on a cost plus wartime Army contract. The original estimated cost to build ENIAC in the contract was roughly $50,000, however by the time it was finished the final cost was over $500,000. About a year after completion, ENIAC was dissembled and shipped to ( Full Answer )

How much is hummer limo sold?

A Hummer Limousine when new, runs $100,000.00 to $125,000.00. You can get a used Hummer Limousine for anywhere from $40,000.00 to $100,000.00

How much was Star Wars sold for?

About 4 billion not including the shares that George Lucas was given from Disney (which he can keep for two years).

How much records sold ABBA?

Millions, upon millions, upon millions. ABBA was one of the most sucessful rock bands in music historiy. With an estimated 350-400 million sales world-wide, this being before the Mamma Mia stage and theatrical release. For those who did not support the ABBA craze, now wishes that they had. The legac ( Full Answer )

How much are projectors screens sold for?

The screen itself only runs about one hundred to two hundred dollars however the projector costs about five hundred dollars therefore making the total almost seven hundred.

How much are rottwielers sold for?

It depends on what age is the pup?Where did the puppy come from?If you had a dog that just had a litter, than the price you've paid for shots is fair.If you had properly bred (Registered dogs, shown in confirmation, and health testing done. All very unlikely else you would not be asking on YA), then ( Full Answer )

Who founded the property website TradeMe?

Sam Morgan was the person who founded this website in 1999. The Headquarters are in New Zealand. Its slogan is Where Kiwis Buy and Sell. It's got 190 employees.