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Usually about 6 litres in modern toilets.

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How much water does a toilet bowl hold?

There are many designs and sizes of toilet bowl, but in general they hold about 3 litres of water.

How much water does it take to fill a fish bowl?

That depends on the size of the fish bowl.

How much water do you put in a small fish bowl?

enough to fill a large fish bowl

How much water stays in the toilet bowl?

All of it if you don't flush or if it doesn't leak.

How can you fix a toilet that runs after flushing and will fill up with too much water in the back of the toilet?

Your float or other apparatus in the tank is not measuring the amount of water that is coming into the tank properly. It needs to be adjusted.

How much is the toilet cistern cost can it be DIY?

Toilet cistern can cost a lot since it is the most used water in the house. But there is some ways to reducing the amount of water your toilet is flushing. First fill a half gallon container with water, place the container in the tank of the toilet, lower it in to the water, replace the lid and then youÕre ready to flush.

Why doesn't my toilet bowl fill all the way up with water?

Remove the tank lid and check the long metal rod with a plastic bulb at the end. This is the "float" and its purpose is to shut off the water valve when the water level reaches a certain point (to avoid overflowing). To adjust this, you simply bend the metal rod so that the bulb floats higher, thereby shutting off the water when the level is higher in the tank. When you bend the rod, hold it with both hands so you do not damage something on the flush valve at the other end.The reason why the toilet BOWL does not fill all the way is because it needs only a certain height of water to make the trap work so you don't have sewer gases coming back from the drain line and if you have to much water in your bowl then it wouldn't flush right and probably over flow. If the bowl is filled all the way then you need to either unclog or plunge it.

Hydrochloric acid how much to usefor toilet bowl?

I cant imagine why one would use Hydrochloric acid on a toilet bowl. Bleach or chlorine perhaps but not hydrochloric acid.

What happens if a cat drink to much toilet water?

if a cat drinks too much toilet water it can start vomiting

How much water stays in a toilet bowl?

All toilet bowls are simple containers of water, shaped as a U to allow water to remain within and prevent the nasty drain smells from escaping into the room (yuck!)The level of water remaining in the toilet bowl is at exactly the same height as the tip over point at the back of the U.There are two usual reasons why the water level would be lower in the toilet bowl.Firstly because of human interaction (sticking a brush in and agitating the water for example)Secondly due to formation of a vacuum due to incorrect or inadequate venting (this is best left to professionals to assess but essentially means any change in pressure through the drain causes the water to be usually 'sucked' out therefore leaving a low water level in the bowl)

How much water is used when flushing a toilet?

25% of A households water usage is used flushing the toilet.

How many times do hamsters have to be fed?

If you have a bowl for your hamster, and a cage, all you have to do is fill up the bowl and the water cup and the hamster is smart enough to know howe much to eat. When the bowl is emptty, refill or else he/she will starve.

How much water per day does an adult German shepherd need?

I Have two dogs and in the morning we fill up a large bowl of water and the dogs can drink when the feel thirsty when the bow gets empty we re fill it, simple.

How do you increase suction in older toilet?

Toilets do not function on suction, they flush by using gravity to empty the water from the tank into the bowl, thereby causing the S-trap built into the toilet bowl to siphon. The only way to improve the flush is to cause it to flush with more water (which sometimes helps, sometimes doesn't), or buy a siphon-jet or other power assisted toilet. An older toilet may be to plugged up with mineral deposits to improve the flush much, the amount of deposit depends on what's in your water, how often you clean the toilet, and other factors beyond your control.

How much water does a low flush toilet save a month?

If the toilet works each time on one flush, they use roughly half the water of a standard toilet. You would then use half as much a month on the toilet. They do not always flush completely on the first flush and the toilet is only a part of the water bill.

How much can you feed a 8 month puppy?

not alot maybe if its a big bowl, half , if its a small bowl fill.

Is there a way to get scratches out of the inside bowl of a toilet?

yes, you can have your toilet refinished. Another option is to buy some porcoline patch and do it yourself. Just shut off your angle valve and drain as much water as you can out of the bowl by holding down the trip lever. The water should go down enough for you to repair the scratches and let it dry before turning the water back on. Refinishing the bowl is expensive and unecessary. A little "Soft Scrub" and alot of elbow grease will usually do it.

How much crap would it take to get to the moon?

Alot more than it would to fill your toilet

How do you allow less water to get in the toilet bowl?

If you want to use less water per flush, you put a brick in the bottom of the tank. You do not want to reduce the height of the water in the tank so much as use less water per flush.

What is the Minimum distance from the center of a toilet bowl to a wall?

Depends on how much my husband has been drinking

Why does a toilet flush slowly?

Drain is becoming clogged or collapseing. If on a septic tank, it may be getting full. A possible quick fix. Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into the bowl as fast as it will take it. Bring the water level up to the rim. This is a much larger volume of water than normal and may flush out the line. It can't hurt anything.

Why didn't the overflow tube prevent an overflow when the float fell off?

your water pressure/volume is to much for the overflow to handle.after repair try to turn shut off valve under toilet to slow water fill in tank.test by holding down float while refilling toilet.

How much water do you use when you flash a toilet?

Depending on the toilet, between 1 and 5 gallons.

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