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What does a british antelope eat?

There is no such thing as a "british antelope." But if it does exist, it would be a browser that eats primarily forbs and a little grass, much like other antelope are and do.

Are antelope bigger than cat?

Antelope are small deer- they are MUCH larger than a house cat.

How much breeds of antelope is there?

91 species

What do antelope drink?

they drink water so they don't get dehydrated

Long horn antelope types?

* Tibetan Antelope * Adax Antelope * Bongo Antelope * Sable Antelope

How much does a baby antelope weigh?

from about 120lbs to 133lbs

How much does an asiatic antelope weigh?

There is no such thing as an "Asiatic antelope." Due to the fact that this species does not exist, there is no possible way we can tell how much it weighs or even what it looks like.

What is the name of an African antelope able to survive without water ends in k?

The dik-dik is a small African antelope that lives for months with no water except for dew and the moisture in its diet of vegetation.

How much water need to mixed in OGGT?

Approx. 250 mLwater are necessary.

What kinds of animals once lived on praires?

Home home on the range where the deer and the antelope play where seldom is heared but a ...not necessary.

How much time is spent by a consumer researching a water damage company?

As much as is necessary to find the information required.

When lions die do they become food for the grass?

It would much sooner become food for flies and vultures

Saving water is necessary for your life?

No drinking water is necessary for your life

is salt necessary to treat water?

Salt is not necessary to treat water. There are many ways to treat water. Salt is not necessary because salt contains sodium. Sodium is good for treating water but is not necessary.

How do you spell antelope?


How much water is necessary per day to maintain adequate water balance in the average adult?

at least 50 oz.

How much water and oil is necessary when substituting eggs when baking?

I'm sorry, but you can't substitute oil and water for eggs.

What is The largest antelope?

Elands are the largest species of "antelope" what is the largest antelope

Where is the North Highlands-Antelope Library in Antelope located?

The address of the North Highlands-Antelope Library is: 4235 Antelope Road, Antelope, 95843 2498

Does antelope live in the desert?

No becouse it needs a water whole and grass to eat

What prdator hunts zebras and antelope?

The main predator of zebras and antelope is the lion. However, they are also killed in large numbers by crocodiles when they go down to the water to drink.

How much does a adult antelope weigh?

i don't know maby 2g's

How much does an antelope eat daily?

one or two pounds of grain

What is a name of an antelope starting with r?

Rhebok, Royal Antelope, Roan Antelope,

Which is faster a leopard or an antelope?

Antelope. The leopard is too heavy to catch the antelope.

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