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Q: How much water pressure water flow in gallons per minute do you need to supply a 50 gpd membrane in a ro system?
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If you get 1.5 gallons of water per minute from a half-inch pipe what is the psi?

The PSI is whatever the incoming pressure is from the city water supply. The 1.5 gallons per minute is what the flow restrictor allows to flow from the fixture.

How many gallons of water is used in running the sink for 1 minute?

it depends on what type of faucet and how big the supply line is.

What is the rate of water coming out of a faucet?

The average kitchen faucet in a house will supply 2.5 -3 gallons per minute at 50 PSI. That is an average hose working pressure in north America. A large bath faucet will supply 3 + gpm and a single lever bathroom sink faucet will be about 2 gpm.

How often is the body's entire blood supply circulated?

1 minute

How do you increase water pressure in furnace?

If no auto fill valve is installed to keepnormal pressure and boiler is filled manually by a supply valve, open supply valve until pressure rises to 15-18 psi. Make sure to turn supply valve off after setting pressure.

Describe 6 changes that occur in your circulatory system when you exercise?

1) The heart rate increase up to 180 per minute.2) The cardiac out put increase to 25 litres per minute, from the resting 5 litres per minute.3) The blood supply to muscle from less than a litre per minute to about 20 litres per minute.4)The blood supply to vital organs like brain and kidneys is maintained.5) The blood supply to digestive system is decreased.6)The blood supply to heart in increased five fold.

The bodies entire blood supply is circulated every how often?

1 minute

What is the supply pressure of propane gas in a house?


What are the factors influence flame height?

Rate of fuel supply, pressure of fuel supply, turbulence,etc

How do pressure balance valves work?

The pressure balance valve compensates for changes in water pressure. It has a piston inside that reacts to relative changes in either hot or cold water pressure to maintain balanced pressure. As water pressure drops on one supply line, the valve reduces the pressure on the other supply line to match.

How many times per minute does heart circulate our total blood supply?

About 70

What is a pressurized supply line?

A supply line filled with air, gas, steam, or liquid that's under pressure.

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