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Q: How much water should be in the wood if it is to be used indoors?
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Can garden grow lights be used indoors safely?

They can be used indoors, but you should make sure that they are kept away from anything which is flammable.

Can a quadrant search method for a crime scene be used indoors?

yes it can be used indoors and outdoors

Can I cook barbecue indoors or does it have to be outdoor?

Yes, it is possible to barbecue indoors with the proper indoor grill equipment. An outdoor grill should not be used indoors, even in a garage because it can produce carbon monoxide that can harm people even in the smallest amounts.

Can outdoor wiring be used indoors?

Outdoor wire is harder to work with but you can use it indoors.

What are the disadvantages of using biomassas energy?

The energy production cost is high. Much land should be cultivated. Much water should be used.

Yes. Steel core can be used indoors. Copper core outside.?

Yes. Steel core can be used indoors. Copper core outside.

What are the benefits of having a thermometer located indoors?

Generally, thermometers are placed outside to determine weather conditions. An indoors thermometer, however, can be used to determine whether one should prepare their heating oil or air conditioner.

How much water should be used for the recrystallisation of benzoic acid?

depends on how much benzoic acid you use. if you have 0.5g of benzoic acid , you need 30ml of water as a solvent.

Why do neutered cats spray indoors?

I believe that they're used to indoors and are more calm. But otherwise, I don't know.

How much water should be used to dissolve 500mg of Amoxicillin?

More than 1,00000000 tons I think