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It depends on the bulb. A 25 watt bulb uses 25 watts, a 40 watt uses 40 watts, a 60 watt bulb uses 60 watts, a 75 watt bulb uses 75 watts, a 100 watt bulb uses 100 watts, all the way up to a 500 watt bulb. Incandescent bulbs are about to cease to exist, so this answer is only good through the fall.

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Q: How much watts does a lamp use?
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What cost less to use a 75 watts sodium vapor lamp or a 75 watts Mercury vapor lamp?

They both are 75 watts so they use the same amount of electricity.

How many watts does a mini lamp use?

6 watt bulb for mini lamp

Which requires more current 60 watts 120 volt lamp or 40 watts 120 volt lamp?

Use the formula I = W/E. Current is equal to Watts divided by Volts.

How many watts does a desk lamp use?

A typical desk lamp woud use a 60-watts incandesent bulb or a 12 watt CFL bulb, which uses 80% less power.

How many watts do big bulbs use?

The usual criteria is that the larger the envelope size of the lamp the larger the wattage of the lamp. The terminology of "big bulbs" suggests that the lamp could be in the range of 400 watts.

How bright is 220 lumens?

220 lumens is equal to a tungsten incandescent light bulb of 15 watts. Halogen lamp 20 watts. Fluorescent lamp 60 watts. LED lamp 60 watts. high pressure sodium vapour lamp 117 watts. Mercury vapour lamp 50 watts or 17.32 candle power

How much voltage does a lamp use?

Lamps use whatever voltage they are designed to run on. If the question as asking about the energy used, this is measured in watts. Watts are calculated as: W (watts) = V (volts) x I (amps) which is the product of the voltage and the current drawn.

What wattage bulb does a lava lamp use?

the bulb is usually 30 or 40 watts

How much heat can a heat lamp produce?

it depends what kind of bulb you have in it. how many watts??

Can I use a higher wattage bulb in a lamp that states 40 watts?

You should not use a higher wattage bulb in a lamp that says 40 watts. The higher wattage could cause the lamp to catch fire due to the excess heat and could cause you serious electrical problems.

How much watts does a playstation 2 use?

50 watts

How much power does a bulb use?

Bulbs for domestic use are available between 3 watts and 100 watts. Bulbs used in large areas such as theatres and street lighting can be up to 2 kilowatts.AnswerA lamp doesn't 'use' power, it uses energy. Power simply tells you the rate at which it consumes energy. So, you can ask how powerful a lamp is, but you can't ask how much power it uses!

What size of led lamp will be equivalent to 150 Watt halogen lamp?

LEDs and CFLs use about a quarter of a halogen so the answer is 35-40 watts.

How much energy does a projector bulb use?

The power rating is printed on the lamp holder, expressed in watts. As power describes the rate of energy consumption, you need to convert the number of watts into kilowatts (divide by 1000) and multiply this figure by the time for which the lamp is in use (expressed in hours) -this will tell you the number of kilowatt hours of energy used.

How man watts per hour does a 20 watt 12 volt lamp use?

20 watthours.

How many watts does an electric lamp usually use?

The voltage and power should be marked on every bulb.

How much watts use air conditioner of half ton?

2200 watts

How do you figure out how many watts a lamp post produces?

A lamp post produces exactly zero watts, just like my computer produces zero watts. It is a user of electricity, not a producer. The amount of electricity used will depend on the bulb that is used in the lamp post.

How many watts are in a one hundred watt lamp?

None, the watts come form the electricity supply and the lamp uses them at a rate of 100 an hour when it is turned on.

How many watts to a lumen?

The ratio of lumens to watts is termed the 'efficacy' (note, this is not the same thing as 'efficiency') of a lamp. The efficacy of a lamp depends on the type of lamp: for example, incandescent lamps have low values of efficacy, whereas others, such as fluorescent lamps have much higher values. You need to check the internet to determine the efficacy for the type of lamp you have in mind.

Does a compact fluorescent lamp use 60 watts the same as a standard lamp?

40 watts is 40 watts, that is what you are paying for. However, an incandescent bulb uses the 40 watts to make light and heat. The compact bulbs make more light and less heat for the same wattage. To actually save, choose a lower wattage that will give acceptable light levels.

How many lumens in a 18 Watts halogen lamp?

About 300.

Why does a 100-watt lamp glow brighter than a 25-watt lamp?

because it has more watts

How much watts does a water urn use?


How much electricity does a T-12 need?

T-12 is a kind of lamp fitting, and the lamps can have a range of power from a few watts up to 125 watts. So the maximum powered ones would use a unit (kilowatts-hour) in 8 hours.