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You would lose a lot of weight, but you would die after one week, so that isn't a good idea...

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If you drink two gallons of water for 14 days how much weight can you lose?

Drinking water alone isn't a method of weight loss. Exercise and healthy eating will result in weight loss.

Does drinking cold water right before you go to sleep help you to lose more weight?

No, but drinking water throughout the day helps you lose weight.

Do you lose weight by just drinking water and gatorade drinks?

OMG you can but you wont lose a lot of weight. if you want to lose weight do excercise and walk at less 10 min a day. you can loss weight by drinking that but you have to keep drinking water for at less 1 year to loss weight

Can you lose weight by drinking lime with water?

By just drinking water and limejuice will only be temerarly affective you will put on weight later.

How much weight you can lose in one week by drinking more water?

None at all. Drinking more water will not reduce your weight.

Can you lose weight drinking cold water?

Drinking lots of water is generally very helpful to people who are trying to lose weight. It contains no calories, and helps you to feel full.

Do you lose weight by drinking water and salt?

No, salt will not make you loose weight.

Can you lose weight by only drinking water?

yes,water is very helpful when trying to lose weight it has 0 calories and 0 fat

Does drinking water help you get skinnier?

Drinking water in place of soda, beer, or coffee will help you lose weight because water contains no sugar. However, do not expect to lose weight by drinking water along with soda, coffee, and beer. Having a healthy diet with water will also help with losing weight.

How much weight can you lose drinking nothing but water?

A person can lose a lot of weight by consuming nothing but water over a period of time. However, this is not healthy, or an appropriate way to lose weight.

Is running an drinking water help lose weight?

yes, there are few better ways to lose weight than cardio and hydration.

Can you lose weight with distilled water?

Yes, by drinking water, you will be able to avoid your crave for food. This will help lessen your weight.

How much weight will I lose if I drink 92 oz of water a day?

Drinking excessive water is no guarantee of weight loss.

How can you quickly lose a large amount of weight?

drinking a lot of water and do exercise

How do you jump start weight lose?

Drinking a lot of water and nothing that has to be with bread!

Does not drinking soda help you lose weight?

Yes, Soda contains carbs which turn into fat when they are not used up. Stop Drinking Soda and replace it with water, juice, milk and you will lose weight.

How much water should a 140 lb woman drink to lose weight?

There are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. Drinking water will not help you lose weight alone. The standard protocol is 8-10 8oz glasses of water a day. Water helps keep you hydrated, which affects your daily performance and your productivity. Drink water, maintain a balanced diet, and exercise will help you lose weight effectively and healthier.

How much water does a 180 lb person need to drink to lose weight?

Water is not a magic potion that will make you lose weight. You need to drink 8 glasses of water per day to be healthy. Other than that, if you want to lose weight, cut down on the junk food and sugary drinks and exercise more. Eat healthy and eat less and you will lose weight.

Can you lose weight by just drinking water and exercising?

You will lose weight because your are burning more calories than consuming. This is not healthy and ultimately not sustainable.

Does drinking warm water empty stomach lose weight?

It hasn't been proven drinking warm water on an empty stomach helps with weight loss. It is good to drink a lot of water, though!

How do you lose weight quickly for wrestling?

stop drinking water and put a garbage bag on

How does drinking lots of water help you lose weight?

yes yes it does it makes you not hungry

Is it possible to lose weight by just drinking water and taking vitiams for 7 days?

I have heard that drinking water can reduce the weight. But not sure abt the vitamins and 7 day stuffs.

How do wrestlers lose weight fast to make weight?

Steam room... then weigh in followed by drinking a lot of water.

Is a gallon of water to much to drink if trying to lose weight?

Yes you can kill yourself drinking to much water.

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