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How much weight could an anorexic lose in a week?

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If you are anorexic and throw up how much weight do you lose monthly?

You will lose a lot of weight..when you die and your body is corroded

I am a 5'5 and 111 lb female how much weight could I lose and still be healthy?

You are already UNDERWEIGHT, for your height, so do not lose any more weight because you will look anorexic.

How much weight can you lose if you become anorexic?

Too much. Enough that you can die--like my friend.

How much weight can you lose in a week if you go anorexic?

Not enough to make such a stupid decision worthwhile.

How much a person weight loss you have to be lose to be anorexia?

you can be anorexic at any weight but to be diagnosed, a person has to be 15% below their recommended body weight.

How much time does it take to lose weight when your anorexic?

You lose about 2 pounds every day Well i did and that was with 4 hours exercise

How much weight does an anorexic person lose in a week?

if they're already skinny not alot, if they're not about a stone.

How much weight can an anorexic lose?

Usually, when anorexics lose weight, they end up with a weight below normal for their height.

How much weight would you lose if you were anorexic?

Weight loss through anorexia depends on the individual. Factors that can change it are the severity (how much food / how much exercise), the individual's body, and how long they have been anorexic for. The amount can be anywhere from between 10 and 50 pounds, possibly even more.

How much weight do you loose being anorexic and bulimic?

Anorexia and bulimia are very serious eating disorders. People who are anorexic or bulimic can lose as much or as little weight possible. Some people can be 10 pounds underweight, some can be 40 pounds underweight. If you know someone who is anorexic or bulimic tell them that you are worried about them and strongly encourage them to get professional help.

If you start being bulimic how long will it take to become skinny?

Bulimia will not help you lose weight.Only healthy eating and exercise will do that.You can lose weight being Bulimic but it will happen much slower then an anorexic. Also most of what you lose is water weight not actual weight. It depends on what kind of bulimic you are as well.

What causes anorexia without the desire to lose weight?

Wanting to lose weight pretty much is the main cause of anorexia. Other factors can be if a person is already thin and they become anorexic out of desparate attempts to stay thin, but that happens much less often.

How much does a 21 yr old anorexic girl weigh?

There is no real set weight. Some reasons of that are because height can vary by up to a foot between many girls and some do not lose as much weight as others do.

I am 5'5 and 111 how much weight could I lose and still be healthy?

Do not lose any weight , you are already UNDERWEIGHT for your height, this is NOT healthy.

Ok your weight is 112 if you start running every day for half an hour how much weight will you lose?

if you run the entire time, you could probably lose as much as half a pound. i think the temperature affects how much weight you lose though.

What are some ways anorexics lose as much weight as possible?

Anorexics do not eat. That is how they loose weight....Bulimics purge which means they eat then throw up..if your anorexic you dont eat hence the definition of anorexia

I am 5.8 and 7.6 am I under weight because I want to lose more weight because I want to be like anorexic?

I will get down to the point and tell you firmly....DO NOT BE LIKE AN ANOREXIC!If you do, in while you might get more into it and have the eating disorder itself....It's completely pathetic saying you want to be anorexic. I would much rather be a comfy size 10 then an ultra skinny 0, because to be honest, anorexic people look really bad.

How much weight do anorexics lose?

It depends on the individual. Some anorexics only lose a few pounds, while some may lose 50 pounds. Usually, the average person who is anorexic will lose 20 to 30 pounds before treatment or intervention occurs.

How much do you need to weigh to be anorexic?

Weight Watchers has height and weight ranges. Your weight needs to be below the minimum weight for your height.

Why don't anorexic people eat?

Anoriexics do not eat so that they do not gain weight. Combines with not eating much, they exercise a lot to burn calories in a way to lose a lot of weight very quickly. It is very dangerous, though.

How much weight would you lose if you starved yourself?

You will lose weight, eventually but it is not right and u will eventually die and it will become an obsession with your diet. if u starve yourself you will become anorexic and go to a home to help you with it. you may have heart problems and die!! DONT DO IT!! I am though im fat!!

How much weight will you lose taking speed?

Um, you could lose it all. As they used to say in my generation "Speed Kills."

What could be wrong with you if you cant lose weight?

your eating too much or not exercising enough

How much weight could you lose if you walked two miles a day?

depends on how lond you do it for

Without the speech of how dangerous it is can someone tell you how much weight could you lose by not eating?

You can lose as much as you weigh until you die. Why dont you try it out.?