How much weight does someone lose each day by eating healthy all day then throwing up when you dinner?

SOME VERY IMPORTANT points you should consider: When you don't eat or "starve" yourself, your body does something very interesting. A "built-in" survival instinct your body has actually stops you from burning calories! What happens is your body thinks you are unable to get food, like if you were stuck on an island and had no food. To conserve and not die, your body immediately shuts off your 'calorie burning furnace' and you lose weight MUCH SLOWER. Starving does not work to lose weight!! Same thing when you throw up any meal; your body thinks it's starving and you lose weight VERY SLOWLY. Plus, when you throw up, the acid from your stomach EATS your teeth away. If you are doing this to lose weight, you will ruin your teeth, not lose weight, and screw up your metabolism, and your electolytes. It could Kill YOU!! That's what happened to Terri Schivo- she went into a coma and died. Seek help from any doctor or nutritionist IMMEDIATELY. You can eat six tiny meals a day, add some exercise and lose lots of weight. Please seek help if you or someone you know is trying to lose weight by throwing up and not eating.


I am tired of everybody saying that you don't lose weight when you starve or throw up. I have been bulimic for about 9 years and my weight has fluctuated only due to treatment methods. You will lose weight throwing up, I began bulimia at 253 pounds and in 4 months was down to 165. Now I'm not recommending this method, but those wives tales are one of the main reasons I began throwing up, because I had to find out for myself!


Yeah your right I have had this disorder for about a month now and have lost a stone in weight and am still losing it


I agree that yes you can lose lots of weight, fast, being bulimic... I confess I also did so for almost two years, I was in the best shape of my life, I would throw up almost every day, especially large dinners, and than go work out for an hour, drink lots of water, lots and lots of liquid to compensate for the lost liquid.... So theres the positive side for being so ignorant....

BUT I ended up in the hospital twice, just fainting, not from hunger, I wasn't hungry, but from lack of oxygen or bloodflow to my brain, remind you of Terry Schiavo? The girl who had a heart attack and ended up a vegetable for life? She was bulimic, and she looked really good before her brain died... In the ER they gave me IV said I was severely dehydrated, and asked if I'd been throwing up, and I said no of course... and even after the second time in the ER I still didn't stop, it was actually when the stuff about Schiavo came out on news I researched it and it scared the heck out of me, I wouldn't want to end up like that...

I feel very lucky to have realized what I'm doing, and I know I have been real lucky to not have died or suffered serious injuries to my body, although I know I have created some damage to my liver and kidneys, which trust me IF YOU HAVE THROWN UP FOR 9 YEARS, YOU HAVE DAMAGED YOUR LIVER AND KIDNEYS..... I'm surprised you're still living, but good for you, but for your own sake and for a chance to live your life STOP DOING IT! I'm probably not the right person to say so.... because I find it real hard to stop too, and I must admit, sometimes, I still find myself running to the toilet after my stomach feels so full from a big dinner...

But I just cant get back to the shape I was in, when I stopped throwing up I gained even more weight, and now I am in the worst shape of my life, and as tempting as it is to start the same method again to get back in shape, I remind myself of what could happen... I know after throwing up I can feel a headache, dizziness sometimes days later, not the same day, in fact I feel real good immediately after throwing up, but few days later I can feel something wrong with my heart beats and weird headaches, or feeling like I'll faint.

So in fear of ending up with a heart attack, stroke, coma, or vegetable, I stop and I am trying to adopt a healthier way, to just eat less, exercise, and be happy I'm still alive.


I also never thought of something like this on my own, I just heard about it so much, heard about how bad it is, but I was then only 20 years old and thought nothing can ever hurt me, so I adopted the method all those beautiful skinny girls would do... hoping I'd look like them... I did, my body rocked even better than theirs.... I am 27 now and realizing how fast time flies, I see I need to just find a healthy way of getting back in shape... because I think after that couple years of throwing up and stuff when I stopped I gained weight back like never before, I'm 5'3" and before I started throwing up and being obsessed with my weight I was at the most 130 lbs... and when I started the throwing up and exercising after less than six months at 20 I was at times 100 lbs, at once I was like 98 lbs, I was so happy with my body, now at 27 I am 140 lbs, and I know it's impossible to go back to 100 lbs unless I go back to that same method, but my goal is to just go to a healthy, and favorable to myself, weight of 115 to 120 lbs... I gotta exercise and skip dinner, drink lots of water....

so this whole obsession with weight really messes with my life, and I think my hair falling out so much, I meant a lot... I had the thickest head full of hair, and its falling out, I've lost almost 50% of my hair... and I know it is due to years of unbalanced diet, and fluctuating weight, basically being so unhealthy, and the stress that goes along with it... a very unhealthy living style... like an addiction.

I hope you understand, and I know there are millions of girls who do this, and get sick without knowing what its from, also it impacts your chances of getting pregnant, it screws up your uterus too, so if you'd like to have a baby someday, think twice when you put your head over the toilet. Just some advise from someone like yourself, and as I type this I kind of am telling myself too, as I am a slowly recovering bulimic...

Best of luck. :)