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How much weight should you gain during pregnancy?


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Every woman is built differently, which means we all carry our babies different. Some out front, which sounds like you, some in their hips ... it all varies, but is nothing to worry about. The weight gain for an underweight woman would be 28-40 pounds. The weight gain for an average woman would be 25-35 pounds, and the weight gain for an overweight woman would be 15-25 pounds. Also I wanted to include how pregnancy weight is distributed. -7 pounds-maternal stores (fat, protein and other nutrients). -4 pounds-increased blood volume. -2 pounds-breast enlargement. -2 pounds-uterus. -7-1/2 pounds-baby -2 pounds-amniotic fluid. -1-1/2 pounds-placenta. I you out. I'm sure your pregnancy is progressing fine and good luck! Stacey

I've always been told from my dieticians that I don't gain enough weight during my pregnancies. I have five kids. I gain a total of 15 lbs. during each pregnancy. But all my babies are healthy with an average birth weight of 7 lbs. Just eat healthy, take your vitatmins, and you don't have to worry about how many pounds you need to gain.

ANSWER: It is different for every woman.I initially lost weight and didn't gain any back until I hit 4 or 5 months. I didn't really start showing until I got to 7 months, but I wasn't worried because the doc kept telling me the baby is doind great. Now I'm 36 weeks/9 months and have gained about 20 pounds. The estimate she will be a week early and only wieigh 6.5 to 7 pounds.


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The amount of weight you gain during pregnancy may depend on the weight you were before pregnancy, it also varies heavily for different people. A woman of average weight should gain approximately 25 - 35 pounds during pregnancy, underweight women often gain 28 - 40 pounds whereas overweight women may gain as little as 15 to 25 pounds.

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Weight gain during pregnancy can greatly affect your health. Excessive weight gain during preganancy can increase the strain on your heart and increase your blood pressure.

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I have found an excellent website that will answer all of your "weight-gain-during-pregnancy" questions. The link is: It's The American Pregnancy Association's website's section on weight gain during pregnancy, but I think the advice there is good all over the world!!!

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How much weight you gain during your pregnancy depends on how much you weighed prior to getting pregnant. If you were at a healthy weight prior to getting pregnant, you should gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. This breaks down to 1-5 pounds during the first trimester, and approximately 1 pound a week for the remaining duration of your pregnancy. So, at 18 weeks, you should have gained 6-10 pounds by now. If you are overweight, you should only gain 15-25 pounds during your pregnancy, if you are obese, you should only gain 11-20 pounds. However, if you are underweight, you should gain 28-40 pounds during your pregnancy. If you are having more than one baby, the amount of weight you should gain is higher. Your doctor will be monitoring your weight gain. If you have any questions or concerns, make sure you discuss it with your doctor at your next appointment.

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Depending on ethnicity, heredity and nutrition given during pregnancy, average weight gain should be some where between 10 to 12.5 kg.

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