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How much weight will you lose if you don't eat for a week and you are 5'5'' and weigh 210 pounds?

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September 13, 2011 4:35AM

none. youre metabolism will shut down as your body will assume it needs to save its fat stores because you are starving. approach this from the other end. keep your eating pattern the same (you sound like you are a healthy weight) and instead increase your aerobic exercise - perhaps by jogging every morning for a week. buy a tape measure instead of a scale and keep track of your waist size instead of your weight (muscle weighs more than fat)

About 1-2 lbs per day. But once you go back to eating normally, you'll gain the weight back just as fast. So have a plan once you plan to stop, like gradually increasing the amount of calories to get your body used to it (200 calories 1 day, 400 the next, ....)

okay I'm just adding to this, because they say your a healthy weight. that's soo not true, if you put your weight and height into a bmi calculator you are obese. and actually you would lose weight, trust me i know. however don't starve yourself completely because then one day you'll wake up and crave everything that you really shouldn't eat. and even if you don't eat for one week, you won't not lose weight. because you will, i dunno who wrote that answer up above but they're obviously idiotic, or have never been anorexic.

Well, I am on my fifth day of a fast, and I have lost 8-10 pounds so far. Down from 230 lbs to 222 pounds, or 220 lbs, depending on where in the bathroom I put the scale.