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How much weight will you lose taking ecstasy pills?

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Taking illegal drugs is dangerous and may be fatal. So you could lose your life therefore you will lose all your weight.

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Yes, if you burn more energy than you take in, you will lose weight.

Yes, you can lose weight in your thighs by losing water, which includes taking diuretic pills. You can also lose weight in your thighs by swimming in the water and exercising.

Yes, apparently you can lose belly fat by taking Relacore pills. The pills work by elevating your mood and helps to fight stress-related weight gain around the stomach area.

There would be no long term effect of taking water pills. Losing weight, unfortunately for those of us who don't exercise, is a matter of not taking more calories in than are being used.

Its never a good idea to take diet pills to lose weight. Most of diet pills are not FDA approved. Also weight loss with help of such pills is not long lasting. Try sticking to exercise and a healthy diet to lose weight gradually.

u wanna lose weight? I think you dont have to. for your age i think its average..

pooping pills do not make you lose weight. Instead they make you lose water weight. so as soon as you drink a liquid you will gain all the weight back.

It depends on your current body weight, height, and many other things. It varies person to person. Weight loss pills only help you lose weight temporarily, though, and in some cases, make you even gain some weight. That's why the best way to lose weight and keep it off is a balanced diet and exercise.

directly no is doesn't make you lose weight but constantly taking the drug can result in major weight loss because of a loss of appetite food seems quite repusling when on or after taking the drug

you can lose weight by eating healthy, but it wont work alone. youll have to do some regular exercising too.

Only eating fruits or vegetables or some Asian foods or taking diet pills are not very effective actually to lose weight no matter how long you want to lose your weight.

I really dont know, but weight lost pills? who takes pills to lose weight, dont take them.

You lose weight when you burn more calories than you ingest. If the birth control pills are forcing you to overeat and underexercise, you might lose weight if you stop taking them. You could also try eating less and/or exercising more.

The baby will lack in nutritence, and you may also. It means your suppose to gain weight not lose it.

Taking laxitives will not cause you to lose weight. Only healthy eating and exercise will.

To lose weight at home (or anywhere else), lower the amount of calories that you consume.

I would say NO. Anorexia is a psychological condition affection the way you perceive yourself, and weight loss pills prescribed under a doctor's care can be a healthy way to lose weight. They usually wouldn't have anything to do with one another, if the doctor is careful about who he provides the pills to.

it is where you take diet pills to lose weight. which is also called "dietary supplement pills."

Weight loss pills only promote weight loss by providing ingredients(not proven to work) such as herbal remedies. AS for the not eating...not a good idea unless you want to look anorexic

You don't. The only weight you lose with ex-lax will be water weight, which you'll eventually gain back. Taking laxatives is dangerous, can cause dependency, and won't help you to lose weight.

Weight loss pills are generally considered a temporary fix, because once the participant decides to stop taking the pills, they generally return to the same lifestyle bahaviors and gain the weight back.

Diuretics can help you lose a small amount of weight temporarily. Orlistat (Xenical/Alli) can help you lose an average of 6 pounds. Otherwise, there are no weight loss pills that are known to work.

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