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How much weight would a 13-year-old lose if you starve yourself for nine days and you are 5'3'' and weigh 136 pounds?

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2006-08-29 02:48:03

oh honey don't do that. That is unsafe and unhealthy. And when

you starve yourself your body actually shuts down to protect

itself. Your motabalizim slows down to concerve energy. Now

eventually it will use up the fat supply then will start using

muscle and vital organ. When you do start eating again. Your body

will then hold onto every bit of fat and calorie you eat,

prepareing itself for another possible starvation. Your best bet.

eat 5 small meals, fruits and veggies lots of water. No pop, sugar

, no eating after say 6 or 7 pm. Also start walking. Think about it

other than real rural areas have you ever seen a fat mail person?

The ones that walk not drive. :) :) :):) Let me know please? Good

Luck and May God Bless You. Terri

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