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15 square yards at 3 inches deep.

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Q: How much will 1 ton of mulch cover?
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How much will 1 yard of mulch cover?

The problem here lies with the question. Landscape mulch is not measured by the yard it is measured by cubic yard. There is nothing linear about mulch. A common standard suggests that 1 cubic yard of mulch will cover about 100 sq ft of landscape 2-4 inches thick.

How many square feet will one yard of mulch cover?

Well 1 sq yard of much will cover 325 square ft or so. That is if you have the mulch 1" High. Its recommended to be 1"-1.5" But your probably not going to get it exact at 1" High of mulch so id go with 300 sq ft.

How much mulch do you need to cover 1 square foot six inches deep?

Half a cubic foot.

How much mulch do you get for 1 pound on Bin Weevils?

5,000 mulch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much does 1 yard of cedar mulch cost?

How much does one yard of cedar mulch costs.

How much area will 1 ton of top soil cover?

One ton of topsoil will cover approximately 200 square feet. The coverage area is dependent upon the thickness of the topsoil.

How many tons of wood mulch in 1 cubic yard?

It depends on how much moisture is in the mulch

How much red mulch do you need to cover 100 sq ft 3 inches deep?

25 cubic feet or about 1 cubic yard.

How much of an area can you cover with 2 cu ft of mulch spread 1 inch thick?

The answer you seek is printed on the bag; it should be fairly prominent.

How many cubic feet would 1 ton of gold cover?

1 ton barmateck log=cft?

How many square feet will 1 yard of mulch cover at 3 inches thick?


How much can a 1 ton pickup hold?

1 ton.

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