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To get a PSP, you can just go to gamestop and buy it, or buy it online

PSP System 2000 Black - ReCharged Refurbished69.99$If it is the PSP Go then$199.99That is the best I can do.Thank you.

If you trade in 3 games with a PSP 2000 or 3000 you get $100 credit for a PSP Go.

You must have internet connection. Go to any store i recommend Gamestop and ask the clerk to give you internet connection on your psp

No, PSP Go games must be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

You can Maybe trade 2 used psp's for a used go at gamestop

gamecube stuff is discontinued at gamestop, youll have to go to pawn 1 or something

PSP's go for $100-200$

you can buy a cheap one at gamestop

try to ask them instead. but i dont think so. no

go to gamestop and ask them if they have a psp 3000 battery if not then shop online.

your best bet is to go to your local gamestop and ask for how much the games and the charger are worth.

Yes, You can go to gamestop or something a get one [only for PSP slim]

You should go to a game store (like Gamestop) and ask them if they have one.

your psp is probably messed up maybe you should get a new one or go to gamestop maybe they can help u

psp cuse if u get a psp go u have to sing up for PlayStation network and buy games on your memory car but if u get a psp u can gust go to gamestop or somewhere NO PSP E1004 IS BETTER BECAUSE IF THE PSP HAS WIFI WE CAN US INTERNET BUT THE CLARITY IS NOT SO GOOD DUE TO SMALL SCREEN AND MOREOVER THE PSP IS ONLY FOR GAMES

Go to your local GameStop and ask. They should tell you. But, I recommend selling your games somewhere else cause GameStop rips you off anyway.

I don't think so but you can go to gamestop and find out

no and yes a psp slim is a verson that is not ment for traveling as much as the psp go the psp go is meant for traveling

PSP has no internal memory and is much heavier than the PSP GO also the PSP uses UMD's and the PSP GO has to download games from the PSS

Gamestop will not buy anything if it is broken.

Then you can't charge it. Go to a nearby gamestop for one though.

You have to buy a movie umd disc from gamestop, walmart, betbuy etc...

psp slim - 10,500psp fat - 8,500psp go - 15,000

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