How much will a person's heart rate change if their normal heart rate is 130 beats per minute?

There is no way to predict something of that nature as individuals differ in gender (obviously), size, age, physical condition, etc. The heart rate for an adult is 60-100 beats per minute with the average being 72. A rapid heartbeat can be caused by any number of reasons, some common ones being caffeine, nicotine, medication(s) and so forth. If concerned about a health issue the best option is to seek advice from a physician or qualified health care professional. By doing cardiac exercises such as riding bike and running. If you ride bike or run about a mile a day you should be better within a couple months. 130 bpm is very high for a resting heart rate. You may want to get that checked out. ____________________________________________________________________ There are diffrent things can can change heart rate including 1) stess 2) Walking,running and swimming 3) Anger, excitment Your heart rate varies a lot. 130 BPM is a sinus thycardia for more information please contact me :