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i called game stop they said 35 dollars

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How much does gamestop take in ds lite games for?

GameStop will give you about $4.00 for the ds lite dame you are sending.

Hbow much will gamestop give you for a ds lite?

i went to gamestop and they said they would give me 10 credit

How much will gamestop give you for a ds lite charger?

it will cost 30 or 35.

How much is a used Nintendo ds lite worth?

Now that the dsi is out, if you wanted to sell your ds lite to gamestop, they would give you about 70 dollars

How much money will Gamestop give for a DS Lite accessories DS case Action Replay and 15 DS games?

They will give you 100 dollars

How much can you get a ds lite for at Gamestop?

You can get the first ds for around 75-10 the ds lite for 100- 110bucks

How much is it if you trade in a ds lite at Gamestop?


Can you trade in a ds lite for games?

Yes you can at gamestop. You give them your DS lite and they will give you credits. You can then use your credits to buy whatever you want that they have.

Can you trade a dsi for a ds lite in gAMESTOP?

Yes you can trade a DSi for a DS Lite at Gamestop.

How much is a Nintendo ds lite worth at gamestop?

They will give you 15$. I checked as on 6-2-11

How much is a ds lite at Gamestop?

The are $59.99 (as of September 2011).

How much is a ds lite online at gamestop?

They no longer have ds lites but the dsi's are $149

Would gamestop let you trade in a psp for a ds lite?

instead of trading at gamestop which won't get you much. sell it at eBay abd let the bidders do the rest. after that use the money to buy a ds lite or NEW DSI. or you could give it to me

Can you switch out your ds lite for a dsi?

Yes. If you go to your local gamestop and trade your ds lite in, they will give you $70 to put towards your dsi.

How much money can you get for a used Nintendo ds lite?

$100 in GameStop

How much does a ds lite cost at Gamestop?

It c0sts u 49.99$

How much can you sell your ds lite for at gamestop?

around 15 dollars

How much trade in value at gamestop does a not so good DS lite have?

about $70

How much money would you get if you sold a psp and my ds lite at gamestop?

5$ dollar

How much would a ds lite sell for?

i got 60 dollars at gamestop for mine :/

How much is a used DS lite sell for at Gamestop?

In 2012, you will be lucky to sell that for about $10.

How much money do you get if you sold your Nintendo ds lite at gamestop?

They would probably give you around $50-$70. Not sure if it has all of its stuff with it.

Where can I buy a silver Nintendo DS lite?


How much would you get at gamestop for 7 wii games 4 ds games and a ds lite?

IT will cost you about 70 dollars

How do you trade your ds in for a dsi?

Gamestop will pay for your DS or DS lite towards a DSi, but they usually give very little... (I think £50 for a DS lite...) they have an offer now that ends may 31, 2009, where you can trade in your ds lite for a dsi and only have to pay 100 pounds.

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