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How much will halo wars cost?

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they USUALLY cost about 40$.

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How much would an xbox elite Halo 3 and halo wars cost?

about $500

How much will halo wars cost where cheap?

Go to Ebay

How much money is halo wars?

Halo Wars will cost $60 at launch for the standard edition, with special editions costing extra.

How much Microsoft points does it cost for halo wars?

You can't buy Halo Wars with Microsoft points.You have to use real money.

How do you get a cost drop in halo wars?

Play as Prof. Anders.

How much is halo wars in PS3?

Halo wars is unavailable in ps3 as it is a Microsoft game so it is only avalaible in xbox360.

How much does halo reach cost in US?

Halo Reach approximately cost $59.99

Was halo ODST before halo wars?

no halo odst was arfter halo wars. it go's like this order for all of the halo games halo,halo2,halo3,halo wars,halo odst,halo reach

Is NBA2K9 better or Halo Wars?

Halo Wars

How much does the Halo 3 cost?

Halo 3 is $19.98

How much halo wars is worth?

Halo Wars is only worth about 10 bucks brand new, pretty crap game though

Are there any cheats for Halo Wars?

No, there are no cheats for Halo Wars.

Is halo wars on PC?

From what I know, there is no Halo Wars on the PC.

When did Halo Wars happen?

Halo Wars happened in 2009.

How much will halo for PS2 cost?

Halo has not and will never be released for the PS2.

When was halo wars made?

Halo Wars was made in 2009, along with Halo 3 ODST

Is where a game like halo wars?

Do you mean "Where is"? A game like halo wars is called Halo.

Is halo combat envoled halo wars?

No. Halo Combat Evolved happened about 20 years after the events of Halo Wars.

Who will make halo wars 2?

Actually, I don't think there will BE a Halo Wars 2. There's Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach. Those came after Halo Wars (correct me if I'm wrong).

How do you play halo wars on my PC?

find halo wars and click it

Is halo wars on ds?

NO..... halo,halo ce,halo2,halo3,HALO WARS,halo odst and from bungie will be from x box system ONLY.

What is the newest halo out?

Halo wars

What halo comes first in the timeline Halo Wars or Halo Reach?

halo wars came 20 years before the halo event and reach came after it

Which game is better Halo 3 or halo wars?

Halo 3 and Halo Wars are completely different games. Halo 3 is an Fps game, while in Halo Wars, you command armies in 3rd person. I personally prefer both of them.

Where is the original online halo wars?

Lol there is no "original online Halo Wars"