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What is wrong with your car that you think it needs a new computer? Other problems are often blamed on the computer (which really seldom goes bad). My experience has been that computers can cost $50.00 or less from a wrecking yard (I've bought several this way and they've all worked fine and I payed $10.00 each) or you can buy new from an aftermarket auto parts place for around $100.00 - $300.00. The computer is very easy to change. Just unplug the old and plug in the new after securing and resecuring some kind of mounting bracket. Finding and sometimes getting to the computer can be a little more hassle, but most of them are pretty easy to get too. After changing the computer just start your car up and drive it. It may run a little weird for a while as the different computer teaches itself the new settings (it automatcally reprograms itself after changing). That's about it. Hope it helps.

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Q: How much will it cost and how would you even begin to change the computer in your car?
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