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Not worth it in my oppinion. You will need new computer and harness, different transmission, drive shaft, not to mention the hole you have to cut in the floor.

I do not agree. It can indeed be done if you are up for some late nights. I just converted my 1996 Dakota from an automatic to a standard. It took about 3 weeks (evenings and weekends), and ended up only costing me around $2500. I got a donor truck for under $1000 and it was just odds and ends. Watch out for the Crank Angle Sensor, which will need to be replaced (auto reads from torque converter and manual from the flywheel). Also, be advised to expect delays and problems. Mine already had the hole in the firewall for the clutch assembly, and cutting a hole in the floor is not hard with the right tools. Good luck if you try to do it, in my opinion the work is worth the end result.

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Q: How much will it cost to change a 2000 dodge Dakota slt from a automatic transmission to a manual transmission?
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