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How much will it cost to drive 650 miles if gasoline cost 4.00 per gallon if car gets 28 miles per gallon?


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$92.86 rounded to the nearest cent.

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Divide mileage (750) by miles per gallon (18) to determine how many gallons will be needed and then multiply by the cost of gas (4.12) to determine the cost for the trip: 750 ÷ 18 = 41.67 x 4.12 = $171.68

448 miles is the answerheres the computation:$24 - cost for the trip$1.50 per gallon of Gas28 miles per gallon$24/$1.50= 16 gallons16 gallons X 28 miles per gallon = 448 miles

It depends on how much a gallon of gasoline costs you. If you pay $2.75 per gallon, the 2,500 mile trip would cost about $491.07 at 14 mpg.

Let's say you drive on an average "M" miles per month and you car travels on average "m" miles per gallon and the average price of gasoline is "p" per gallon, then the avaerage cost of gasoline for one month is (M x p)/m

579 miles / 15 miles per gallon = 38.6 gallons. 38.6 gallons * 3.79 dollars per gallon = $146.30, just for gasoline. To calculate "cost to drive", you may also need to add a quart of oil or the snacks that you bought when you stopped for gas, or tolls.

At $2.75 per gallon, this trip will cost $147.32

Gasoline cost to drive 3300 miles would be in the neighborhood of $300

If gas cost $3.70 per gallon i have an 8 cylendar truck how much would it cost me to drive 266 miles

The price of gasoline in the 1960's was 31 cents per gallon. Automobiles during that time only got 10 miles per gallon. Thus, the cost of gasoline was actually considered to be more expensive.

how much will it cost to drive 1800 miles based on 24 miles per gal at $2.20 per gallon

If you get 20 miles per gallon and a gallon of gas costs you $2.75, the cost of gas for the trip will be about $201.44

Cost of a gallon of gas in 1999

If gas costs $3.75 per gallon, your car gets 32 miles per gallon, and you drive 1500 miles, it will cost $175.78. However, your miles per gallon is likely based on highway miles at a specific speed, and it is likely you will not always be at this speed so it may cost more.

Divide 1400 / 30 to get the number of gallons. Then multiply that by the price of gasoline per gallon.

You would use 7.96 gallons, so that would cost 19.91 to drive.

Depends on the miles per gallon the vehicle you're driving gets. Divide the miles per gallon the vehicle you're driving gets into 650 and the result will be the number of gallons you need for the trip. Multiply that times $4 and you will have your answer.

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