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could be several hundred dollars, but have it looked at now! The metal to metal is the brake pads grinding away the rotors. If this goes on too long, you could grind thru the rotor and the wheel could fall off.

Could be expensive so don't prolong. Also, it is highly unlikely that your wheel will fall off. More likely you stopping capabilities will drastically reduced. And if you find yourself in this situation, do not drive. And if you are driving experiencing this, use your emergency brake and get to a safe spot quickly. Now it depends on whether or not it is a 4X4. If it is a 4X2, it will be slightly less. If you are somewhat mechanically capable and have a repair manual it can be done for a fraction of the price:rotors (if you let them go to far so that they can't be turned-$10-$15 at a machine shop) can range between $30-$50 each and a set of new pads could range between $20-$60. These ranges depend on the quality of parts you are wanting. Also, depending on the area you are located in, pricing for shop costs and parts (parts being about 3X the costs at auto parts stores) would range $375-$650. Just some information for thought.....

The wheel will not fall off because your brakes are grinding. The area the pads contact the rotor is outside the lug bolts. It is far more likely that your brakes will fail and you will crash if you continue to drive with this condition.

bad brakes have no affect on whether or not the wheel will fall off.

Your rotor has nothing to do with your wheel falling off the worst that will happen with your brakes if you go any longer without replacing you pads is it will warp and make a really annoying screeching noise and if not replaced they will rapidly wear out your new pads

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Q: How much will it cost to repair a 1996 S-10 Blazer whose brakes make a grinding noise like metal on metal grinding?
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How much will it cost to repair a 2004 vauxhall corsa whose brakes make a grinding noise like metal on metal grinding?

Depending on what is causing the problem, it can cost between $10 and $300. It depends on the problem and the cost of the parts, and labor.

Do bad brakes gradually make a slight grinding noise and get worse the longer the vehicle is driven without repair?

Grinding noise is metal to metal contact between the brake pads and brake rotor or break shoe and brake drum. Prolonged contact between metal to metal can result in front or rear brake failure.

What is making a metal of metal grinding sound coming from the middle to rear end of the truck on your 2002 Yukon XL?

Check if muffler is loose, check if rear brakes are worn out & grinding

Why do my 93 Ford Taurus's back brakes keep grinding down to metal on metal?

You need new brakes. IF its really bad you're going to need new rodars.

Your brakes are making a grinding sound when you apply the brakes on a vauxhall zafira?

The grinding sound means that the brake pads are worn down to metal and that sound you hear is metal to metal. you need to have the pads changed, the problem is that you will more than likely have to change the rotors also. The way to avoid this in the future is when you notice your brakes are making a squealing sound that means that the pads will need to be changed soon.

Why does your 2002 pt cruiser growl when you apply the brakes?

Because the brake pads are worn and the metal backing is grinding the disc

Ford windstar front end grinding noise?

Check the front brakes. the most common problem for grinding is worn brake pads allowing the metal backer to rub the rotor.

How do you repair a metal to metal sound coming from the brakes?

Replace the pads, and the rotors. You need to change the brake pads and the rotors.

How do I know when to check my cars brakes?

The best way to know when your automobile needs brakes is when they start squeaking, grinding against metal, leaking brake fluid and the pedal going to the floor.

Abs light on brakes are grinding when coming to a stop leaking fluids?

sounds like brakes are metal to metal, that is, brake lining is completely worn out, and is grinding rotor.Ans 2 - You need a complete and thorough brake job. You have neglected to check things periodically ( things that your life depends on ) Expect to pay big bucks for the necessary work.

Why does the car make a noise when pressing the brakes whilst driving?

Dust build up on pads/shoes (squeal) Worn pads/shoes causing metal to metal contact (grinding) Suspension fault, movement of faulty component when the brakes are applied (knocking).

Sometimes when I accelerate it feels like my brakes are grabbing I feel it in the gas pedal you can also hear a grinding noise?

replace the brakes.grinding is caused by worn out, metal to metal pads grabbing is caused by the metal being hot and sticking

New front rotor and pads 92 explorer still sounds like rotors grinding on front are metal to metal when braking hard?

have the back brakes checked sometimes they can sound like the front

What is the grinding noise coming from your drum brakes on your Clio 1997 The front seem to be fine and there is no pulsating on the brake pedal?

Hi, the grinding noise coming from the rear brakes is either the shoes have worn out & are down to the metal, or the drums havn't been removed for a long time and are full of brake dust / rust etc.

Why do the brakes on a rear passenger wheel make a grinding metal on metal noise but continue to function properly?

Rust sometimes form on the drum causing the noise. Some linings are more prone to do it than others.

What is the grinding noise that your car makes when you step on the brakes?

Have you checked the pads to make sure they are still ok? my first car made a horrible noise when i used the brakes and it turned out the pads were bald so it was metal on metal. Only other thing i can think off is that the wheel bearings on their last legs?

Can brakes whine if i don't change fluid?

no only metal to metal contact will do it, You will whine if you drive metal to metal and lose the brakes while driving..

Do your brakes make a noise if you get new calipers?

If new pads came with your new calipers, they can squeal a bit until they 'run in'. If you didn't replace your rotors or have them re-surfaced, they can quickly destroy your new pads causing metal-to-metal grinding.

Why does ABS light stay on and brakes squeal on my 96 Lincoln Town car?

Your brake system needs repair immediately. The brakes are squealing because the pads are worn out, and you are hearing the warning device or the metal to metal contact of the pad and rotor. Stop driving the car and have the brakes repaired. The ABS light may or may not go out. If it does not, there is problem with the ABS. Your standard brakes will still work.

Grinding noise when braking?

A grinding noise when braking can occur when the brake pads are going bad. You are hearing the brake grinding on the metal discs.

Do you need a safety mask for metal grinding?

When grinding metal you should wear eye protection. A mask to filter metal particles from the air you breath may be appropriate if you are doing work that will release very small metal particles, and if the metal is chemically hazardous.

Is it normal for the rear brakes of a new 2005 Taurus Wagon with low miles to make a grinding metal on metal sound even after having the rotors turned?

check your wheel bearings by raising the car up. move the wheel up and down with you hands. you should not be able to do that if you can you probly have a bad bearing also check you front brakes to and do the same for the front.

What is the name of Metal removed in the process of grinding?


Bits of metal removed in the grinding process?


How do you turn gold to dust?

By grinding or filing the metal.