How much will taxes be for your unemployment of 11000?

It depends on where you live.

Unemployment Benefits are subject to federal taxation, as well as state taxation (depending on the state in which you live). Certain states exempt unemployment benefits from taxation, and there are states with no state taxation, regardless of the income source. The amount you will pay in taxes on $11,000.00 is dependent on factors such as your tax filing status, how many exemptions you claim on your taxes, and whether you will be filing the standard deduction or itemizing deductions.

It would be impossible to determine how much your taxes would be on unemployment of $11,000.00 without knowing the state where you received the unemployment benefits, and other filing questions that will affect the amount of taxes you will have to pay. If this was all the income you received for the year, regardless of your filing status or state, you should only have to pay a minimum amount. However, if you found work and the $11,000 is only a small percentage of what you received for the year (adding in your employment income) the amount you pay may be much more. I suggest you contact a tax consultant.