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How much will your auto insurance go up after having your license for four months and got in a car accident?


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2005-10-31 01:52:44
2005-10-31 01:52:44

Maybe not as much as you might think. A lot depends on your insurance companies rules. It may only result in an amount less than a $100 but could exceed $500 depending on the state you live in, the company you are insured with, and the car you drive. Drive careful from now on.

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The insurance should cover an accident while it was in force. If you had insurance 2 months ago and the accident happened 2 months ago, coverages should apply. If the accident happened today and the coverage stopped 2 months ago, there should not be coverage.

If you reported the accident at the time, yes, usually.

If the accident is proven to be your fault, the driver can still sue you for a minor fender bender.

You should call your insurance co. first. They will have the information you need. If you did not have insurance at the time of the accident or have changed insurance carriers since the accident consult an attorney.

Most states allow you to file a claim up to 2 or 3 years after an accident, but you can only sue an insurance company if they have denied your claim.

You get a learners permit at age 16 and your license after 6 months of having a permit.

Yes you can file it several months after it has happened. However, it will be noted on the accident report that the event occurred several months ago and when you turn it in to your insurance company they will see that and probably deny your claim.

In the state of Georgia, the state will reguire a 6-months prepaid policy along with a SR22A filing in order to get your license back. In the state of Georgia, you can't get insurance with a suspended drivers license cause your not legal to drive with a suspended license.

It depends. If you get all 4 points in one year, it can affect your premiums substantially. If the points are spread out, it probably won't affect your insurance as bad. In CA, points go away after 36 months.

If the only insurance you have is on the totaled car, you will not be required to carry a policy on it anymore. However, it is never good to have lapses in the dates you are insured. I suggest having them to lower your insurance to the most basic your state allows and carry that until you get another car.

Of Course they check your motor vehicle report every 6 months!

You are allowed to drive someone under the age of 18 after having your license for 4 months.

You can get your permit. You can get your license after having had your permit for 6 months or turning 17 1/2, whichever comes first

It can take up to six months or longer if there where injuries involved.

Your insurance should cover the person you hit. In about six months the unlicensed driver WILL get a letter in the mail from DMV saying they ARE in trouble for driving without a license. Usually, the punishment is a years suspended license and a fine.

it depends on whose fault is it. if yours than around 8 months. if there's than probably 4 months.

After 18 months from day date of violation, NOT the date of conviction. Once 18 months have passed from the date of violation, the points will be removed from the license OR you can take DMV approved accident prevention course to remove upto 4 points even 18 months have not passed.

Your auto insurance will cover your son while on a lerners permit. Check with your company as some require that he be listed as a driver and you must pay premium while others do not require that he be listed until he gets his regular license. If you insurance is telling you that there is no coverage while he is on the permit then you need a different insurance company.

they put points on your license, then your rates go up about 100 dollars every 6 months.

At trial, you can offer as a defense the issuance of the new license three months after the suspension. That may serve to show your belief that your license was valid at the time of the first suspended license violation. The second suspended license charge will be tougher to fight, as you had to know from the first ticket that your license was suspended.

Licenses are a local matter. I do not know the law in your area. Call the local license office.

To get insurance in the state of Pennsylvania after having a DUI on your record is fairly hard. First, you will need to wait 4 months after receiving the DUI. I then suggest having a personal talk with your insurer.

Advantages of Pay As You Drive insurance include not having to pay for the full year of insurance up front. One only pays for the months one drives a vehicle.

You must be between the age of 21 and 75 to purchase temporary car insurance and you must have held a full license for at least 12 months, and you must be a resident of the country you are purchasing the insurance in.

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