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About $10.

Do the math. Amps x Volts = Watts. A typical dryer is 30 amps @ 240 volts. That's 7200 Watts. Average electricity cost is $.07 per 1000 watt-hours. So...if you run the dryer for one hour will use 7200 watt-hours. 7.2 x $.07 = $.50 per hour of usage.

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Q: How much will your electric bill increase if you buy an electric dryer for an average of 5 loads per week?
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How much propane does the average clothes dryer use in gallons per year?

According to the Energy Services Fact sheet (June 2006), a propane dryer uses 38 Gallons of propane a year, and 38 Electric kWh/year. This is based off of 416 loads a year.

How many loads of cloths does the average PERSON DO PER year?

I dry about 8 loads a week. It's easy to move one load from the washer to the dryer so it's not about separating it again, you just take a washed load and move it to the dryer. It's not a good idea to mix colors and whites in the dryer because lint can transfer between the items. **** : The first response to this question is ridiculous. : I do about 42 loads of laundry a year, that's less than one per week. I read that Proctor and Gamble claim that the average American family does 300 loads/ year, that's 6 loads/ week. I prefer to dry only about half of my washed clothes, so about 22 dryer loads a year.

Can you dry shoes in the dryer?

I have dried my sneakers in my dryer, but my dryer is ment for heavy loads and the like, so it depends on your dryer and how many pairs of shoes you intend to dry in your dryer.

Lowing a Gas Bill Average?

Many people wish to cut expenses in a monthly budget, given the tough economy. The good news is that there are plenty of ways people can work to cut a gas bill average. One way to cut a gas bill average is to simply stop using the gas as much in a household. If one has a dryer that is powered by gas, then a person should seek to only do a few loads of laundry in the dryer in a given month. Using the dryer too much will greatly increase one's gas bill in any given month and is something that can be cut.

What three loads in your house would you need a double pole breaker?

Electric dryer, electric range and central air conditioner. Some people also have a 220v outlet in their garage or workshop to run equipment like a welder or air compressor.

Just bought the new Samsung gas and electric washer and is it rated ?

The Samsung gas dryer and electric washer overall are GOOD products. The only cons are the sensor has an issue when there are mixed loads to be dried (towels and lighter items), and there's no delay start feature. The pros are: they're both quiet, energy efficient and its features and looks are impeccable. The price for both is GREAT!

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What is an Induction Relay with shaded pole?

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Does a 220v dryer use less electricity than a 110?

No it just uses less AMP's. This reduces the loads of the current carrying wires.

How much electricity does a 20-year-old washer with an electric water heater and electric dryer use per month at 24 loads per month?

This depends upon how much current they draw. Older ones tend to be less efficient and draw more. You will have to check the nameplate to see what the current draw is and add them up. Then Ohm's law and the power conversion formula will have to be used.

How many loads of laundry does the average family do in a week?


What is the difference between an inductive and a capacitive load?

Inductive loads involve devices which establish magnetic fields. Capacitive loads involve devices which establish electric fields. Another way of looking at it is that inductive loads have a lagging power factor, whereas capacitive loads have a leading power factor.

Why does my Amana Clothes dryer make loud squeal sound when running?

You probably either have too much weight in the dryer or something is off with the belt. Try putting in smaller loads to reduce the weight or if that doesn't work have someone come out and take a look at it.

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How many batches of laundry should a house of 4 do?

Six to eight loads of laundry would not be unusual for a family of four with a normal capacity washer and dryer.

When voltage increase then current will be?

it depends on what type of load. Motor amperage will drop off as voltage rises. loads such as lights will increase amperage with voltage rise.

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