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Usually a lot, it depends on your company. Often they will just cancel you. If you want to be safe, you should use a site like 4autoinsurancequote, which does not look at your driving history before giving you auto insurance rates.

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Q: How much will your insurance go up after receiving a DUI?
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How much can your insurance go up with a DUI conviction?

== == Why do you assume you will GET insurance, after a DUI? The insurance industry is cracking down on those who drink and drive, by refusing to insure such drivers.

Will a DUI make insurance go up in Oklahoma?

Yes , A DUI will make your insurance go up in Oklahoma and every other state.

How much will your insurance rates go up if a minor gets a DUI in Texas?

Your insurance rates shouldn't go up by much. Their insurance rates are the ones that will be affected and they will find it difficult to find insurance that will carry them.

Does your insurance go up with a DUI conviction?

If the company finds out about it, then it should.

In the state of Illinois does your insurance cover the the loan on your car if you receive a DUI?

No. The loan on your car has nothing to do with a DUI. If you do get a DUI, most probably your insurance renewal premium will go up a lot. But, your insurance has no reason to cover your auto loan. It is up to you to make your loan payments with or without a DUI on your record.

My friend was picked up for a DUI in my vehicle and i was in the passenger seat Will my insurance go up?


If you are charged with a DUI will travelers insurance company rates go up?

The rates won't go up; they will cancel your insurance instead. Personal knowledge.

What happens to the owner of a car when a person that is not them gets a DUI?

Their insurance rates will likely go up.

Will your insurance rates go up after receiving an alcohol ticket?

Generally, your insurance rates will only go up after receiving a moving violation. Just consuming alcohol in a public place shouldn't raise premiums.

If you get a ticket for a DUI but your not convicted does your insurance go up?

Yes, because all tickets and accidents go on your insurance record. It might not happen if you take a safety course though.

How does someone with a DUI get CA car insurance?

You get car insurance the same way as anyone else, only you will be paying a lot more than the average driver. Some insurance companies will not even cover a driver with a DUI so you have to go to the smaller, more expensive companies.

How much will your insurance rates go up if your convicted with underage DUI in PA?

That is impossible to say. All you can do is shop around for the best rates. I would suggest that you don't drink and drive.

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