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It depends on what kind of car it is on. It is easy on some and some you have to remove the differential.

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Q: How much work is it to fix a broken gas tank strap and replace the sending unit?
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How much work is it to repair a broken gas tank strap and replace the sending unit on a 1994 Mazda B4000 5-speed rwd manual V6?

It is easier to handle the tank with no gas as gas weighs about 7-1/2 pounds per gallon. Take the tank off and then the strap just connects to the frame and then remove the tank unit.

How much does it cost to repair a broken gas gauge?

are you sure it is not the sending unit

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How much to replace gas tank strap - 2006 Corolla?

they charged me $68.00 for the part and $62.00 for labor =$130.00

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In Mr. Tire, $65.00 up.

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Why might the fuel gauge not work on a 1994 Dodge Dakota?

Either the gauge is faulty, there is a broken or shorted wire between the gauge and the sending unit or the sending unit is faulty. Hopefully, it's not the sending unit; That's integrated with the fuel pump module inside the fuel tank and to replace it means replacing the entire fuel pump module. Not a fun chore, and requires the removal of either the fuel tank or the truck box (take your pick, one method is about as much work as the other).

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The year, make, model and engine info would be helpful. Re-post with more info.

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How do you replace the fuel sensor in 1995 dodge Dakota?

To replace the fuel level sending unit, you must replace the entire fuel pump module, which is located inside the fuel tank. Unfortunately, to do this requires either removal of the fuel tank or removal of the truck box. One method is about as much headache as the other.

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