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Currently (Feb 15, 2017) it stands at 20.2 pesos per dollar, or 0.05 cents (one nickel) per peso.

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Q: How much would a dollar be in Mexico?
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How much 1 dollar worth in Mexico?

13 pesos

How much is 1us dollar worth in Mexico?

12.30 pesospmkis

How much is the dollar in Mexico 2012?

Approximately 12.75 pesos.

How much is a dollar in mexico?

Between 12.25 and 13.75 pesos.

How much is the dollar in Mexico?


What would a us dollar in mexico?

1 US dollar (USD) = 13.09 Mexican pesos (MXN)

How much is 1 dollar in Mexico worth in US?

20 cents

How much money is 1 American dollar worth in Mexico?

75.4 rupees equal 1 American dollar

How much is one american dollar worth in mexico?

One American dollar is worth 12.93 Mexican Peso.

How much is a dollar from mexico worth in america?

Mexico does not have dollars, the currency of Mexico is the Peso.America is the two continents of North and South America, this includes Mexico.the answer is a dollar from Mexico does not exist.

What is the buying power of a US dollar in Mexico?

Not much; to give you an idea of the cost of living in Mexico, a dollar would buy you a ham and yellow cheese sandwich on white bread. A Big-Mac combo (hamburger, fries and medium, one-fill beverage) would cost 65 pesos (5 dollars).

How much is a dollar in Guerrero Mexico?

Approximately MXN 13.75 (Jan 2012).

How much does a eisenhower 1890-1990 dollar value in mexico?

About 290 Pesos.

Why are peso important to Mexico?

It is their country's currency. It is as much important to them as Euro is to Europeans, Canadian dollar to the Canadians, or the US dollar to the Americans.

How much does a 20 dollar bill worth in Mexico?

275 pesos (Jan 2012)

How much is a dollar worth in mexico?

You do not say what type of dollar you are referring to; Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Canadian Dollar or what?The currency of Mexico is the Peso. All types of Dollar are foreign currency. A Shopkeeper does not have to accept it. Whether you can buy anything with it is up to the seller.

How much is a half dollar?

a half dollar would be 50 cents

How much does 1 dollar equal to in Cancun mexico?

Approximately 13.10 pesos (Dec 2013)

How much does it cost to make a long distance call to Mexico?

a dollar each minute..i think

How much would a dollar in 1910 be worth in todays dollars?

A dollar in 1910 would be worth $23.40

How much would a dollar in 1912 be worth today?

One dollar is only worth one dollar. The question should be either how much could one dollar buy in 1912 or how much could I sell a 1912 dollar for now?

How much would an 1929 half dollar silver coin be worth?

Approximately how much is a 1929 silver dollar

How much was a dollar worth in Mexico yesterday?

Roughly, 13.10 pesos per USD (Jan 2014).

How much is a 500 estados unidos mexicanos worth?

where we go to Mexico its worth 12 pesos a dollar

How much 1U.S dollar in pesos?

it is exactly 2-4 dollars in Mexico depending on the trade market

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