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At todays value, I think it is about .055 cents.

To start with its not a 5 dollar Mexican peso. Its a 5 peso coin which is absolete in Mexico today. Only value is its composition if silver could be worth as much as10 dollars.if not a few cents.

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How much are the American 1980 silver dollar worth?

1980 would make it a Susan B. Anthony dollar, and it's still worth one dollar.

How much would 1 dollar in 1980 be worth in 2010 dollars?

$1 in 1980 was worth $2.60 in today's money.

How much is a 1980 dollar coin worth?

It's still worth one dollar.

What's a 1980 silver dollar worth?

One dollar, and it's not silver.

What is the value of a 1980liberty dollar coin?

1980 would make it a Susan B. Anthony dollar, and it's only worth face value.

1980 silver dollar whats it worth?

The only dollar coins issued in 1980 were made of cupro-nickel, not silver. They're only worth face value.

What is the value of the us dollar 1980?

$1 in 1980 was worth $2.61 in today's money.

How much is 1980 half dollar worth?

It's still worth 50 cents.

How much is a Hong Kong 1980 five dollar coin with queenelizabeth the second on it worth?

how much is a hong kong 1980 five dollar coin with Queen Elizabeth the second on it worth?

How much was the American dollar worth in 1980?

$1.00 in 1980 had the same buying power as $3.08 in 2016.

Why are 1980 Australian Dollar coins worth more than 1979 coins?

There are no 1979 or 1980 Australian Dollar coins. The first Australian One Dollar coin was issued in 1984.

How much is your 1980 liberty half dollar worth?

It is not a Liberty half dollar, it is a Kennedy half dollar. Unless in a mint set they are worth 50 cents. They are in common circulation.

How much is a 1980 Mexican cincuenta centavos in good condition worth?

From what I have researched it is worth 10-13 USD.

How much is a 1980 Morgan silver dollar coin worth?

The last Morgan Dollars were minted in 1921, the only dollar coin minted in the US in 1980 is the Susan B. Anthony dollar which is about the size of a quarter, not the larger size of a Morgan Dollar coin. They are rather common and only worth one dollar.

What is a 1980 20 dollar cultura Maya worth?

A 1980 20 dollar Cultura Maya is worth anything from 50 c to 2.25 US dollars, or more. The actual value depends on the condition of the coin.

What is the 1980 liberty silver dollar worth?

With the date of 1980 the coin is a Susan B. Anthony Dollar, not a liberty dollar and none contain any silver and most all are face value.

1980 liberty silver dollar?

That's a Susan B. Anthony dollar and is only worth face value.

How much is a 1980 silver Canadian dollar worth?

It is worth about $10 in good condition and about $20 in mint condition.

What is the value of a 1980 dollar in todays dollars?

If you took the annual inflation of 3.32 percent and took $1 from 1980, it would be worth $3.03 in 2014. The total inflation is over 200 percent.

How much is a 1 pound dollar from Scotland 1980 worth?

What's a 1 pound dollar? We only use pounds and pence. A banknote's worth depends on condition, but the answer is probably £1.

How much is the 1980 silver dollar worth?

$1. It's not silver, it's copper-nickel.

How much is a Canadian 1980 proof silver dollar worth?

45 dollars if it is in good condition

How much is a 1980 Canada 50 dollar gold Elizabeth II coin worth?

How much is today's value of a Canadian $50 gold coin from 1980?

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