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I will give ya $50

2007-07-02 14:51:23
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What is the value of a baseball autographed by Tommy John Catfish Hunter and Enos Slaughter?


Was tommy dreamer on impact wrestling?

Yes under a short period

How can Tommy Rich be dead when he wrestled in 2007?

As of November 2007, Tommy Rich is still alive, wrestling in independent circuits..

What is Tommy 'wildfire'rich theme song for wrestling?

wild eyed southern boys

Where are Roddy Piper and Tommy Wildfire Rich?

Roddy Piper works as a trainer & scout for Ohio Valley, WWE's "minor league", and thr Funkin Dojo, the WWE's training facility... Tommy "Wildfire" Rich, died in late 2000, or early 2001 from cancer Tommy Rich is NOT DEAD. As of 2008 he is still alive and wrestling. 05/26/2008 TOMMY "WILDFIRE" RICH IS ALIVE AND YES HE IS WRESTLING ....CHECK SPOTTED.AUGUSTA.COM AND YOU SPOTTED ..OLD SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING ( OSCW) I was with Tommy Rich and his wife and grand kids in Boaz, AL, today, 7/18/09. He wrestled a great match.

What is the actual name of the WWE wrestler whose ring name is Tommy Dreamer?

Tommy Dreamer or T.D. Madison was legally born Thomas James Laughlin, although sometimes called Tom. Tommy Dreamer is best known for his time spend WWE and ECW wrestling over the years.

What actors and actresses appeared in Suggestive - 2010?

The cast of Suggestive - 2010 includes: Matt Earley as Tommy Trunks Sean Garvey as Donald Toohay Tiffany Stevenson as Mary Chomp

What is Tommy Dreamer's Theme Song Called?

Tommy Dreamers entrance theme is named - Man in the Box. It was originally performed by Harry and The Slashtones. The version he is currently using is an instrumental derived from the originial theme from ECW [ Extreme Championship Wrestling ].

How much is an autographed Tommy john worth?

I would say it would have to depend on what the auto is on.When it comes to this kind of stuff its only worth what someones willing to pay.The auto of Tommy john is most likely to be worth no more than $10.You can most likely just send one of his cards to his house, get it autographed (this kind of stuff is known as ttm, through the mail autos), then he would send it back fact i just found his addressTOMMY JOHN ADDRESS INFOHOME ADDRESS6202 Seton House LnCharlotte, NC 28277

Who is better the miz or tomy dreamer?

the miz is better even though Tommy dreamer has been in wrestling a lot longer and the miz real name is mike mizanin

Where can you buy a vinyl copy of Tommy as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra?

i have this album, however my copy is autographed in ink on inside cover by several artists. if your interested my email is, thanks Dave

His nickname is Tommy?

his nick name is tommy

Who influenced Tommy Douglas?

Tommy Cappo Influenced Tommy Douglas

What nicknames does Tommy Ruddell go by?

Tommy Ruddell goes by Tommy.

What nicknames does Tommy Dallace go by?

Tommy Dallace goes by Tommy.

What actors and actresses appeared in Legends of Wrestling 2 - 2002?

The cast of Legends of Wrestling 2 - 2002 includes: Tommy Billington as Dynamite Kid Big Daddy as British Wrestler Giant Haystacks as British Wrestler Mick McManus as British Wrestler Bruno Sammartino as himself Khosrow Vaziri as himself

What nicknames does Tommy Groth go by?

Tommy Groth goes by Tommy G..

What nicknames does Tommy Houlihan go by?

Tommy Houlihan goes by Tommy Tattoos.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wrestling Reality - 2007?

The cast of Wrestling Reality - 2007 includes: Sarah Dunsworth as herself Krista Hanakowski as Krysta Lynn Scott (2007) Marisa Leblanc as Herself (2007) Tommy Ozbourne as himself Purity Saint as herself Scott Savage as himself Lincoln Steen as himself

Who sings Kaite and Tommy?


What nicknames does Tommy Severo go by?

Tommy Severo goes by Tommy Sweater Vest.

What is the birth name of Tommy Tysper?

Tommy Tysper's birth name is Tommy Pawlicki.

What nicknames does Tommy Gainey go by?

Tommy Gainey goes by Tommy Two Gloves.

What nicknames does Tommy Ivo go by?

Tommy Ivo goes by TV Tommy, and Ricardo.

What actors and actresses appeared in Legends of Wrestling - 2001?

The cast of Legends of Wrestling - 2001 includes: Tommy Billington as Dynamite Kid Bret Hart as himself Jimmy Hart as himself Hulk Hogan as himself Jerry Lawler as himself Brian Pillman as himself Rob Van Dam as himself Khosrow Vaziri as himself