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How much would a speeding ticket for 49 mph in a 45 mph zone cost in the town of Gauley Bridge West Virginia?


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2013-04-24 19:53:49
2013-04-24 19:53:49

I found the answer. $150.00 flat fee for any speeding ticket from 1mph to 20 mph over the limit in Gauley Bridge. What a rip off. I can't believe they would give a ticke tof four mph over the limit anyway. Guess thes po dunk little towns need some way to generate income.

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Is that Gauley Bridge law or West Virgina law?

NO WV CODE 17 c Any ticket less than five miles is no more than Five Dollars

In the drivers handbook, it reads obey posted signs !! If you would obey the drivers handbook that you used to get your drivers licence, you would not have to pay any speeding tickets..And by the way, the officers DO NOT STOP ANYONE GOING ONLY 4 MPH OVER THE LIMIT. They may reduce your speed to go easy one you and save you some points....So, consider yourself lucky.....Peace


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If you were guilty of speeding pay it

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Yes Virginia does report speeding tickets to TexaS

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If you didnt pay a speeding ticket in Virginia and you live in another state then they'll probably get a warrant out for your arrest, so they'll find you. I say u pay the ticket

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