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How much would a timing belt and water pump replacement cost on a 1991 Honda Accord?


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How much dose it cost to get a timeing belt and a water pump replaced on a 1991 Honda Accord?

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Around $900 at a Honda dealer including water pump replacement.

At a Honda dealership around $900 with replacement of the water pump also.

need help on changing 95 Honda accord ex water pump and timing belt.

70,000 miles is a good distance for a timing belt replacement. It's also a good distance for a water pump replacement, and most mechanics change them at the same time.

i believe the 2003 has a timing chain and so does not require a change or replacement even in the owners manual its not listed for the 4 cylinder model only if your water pump is leaking then you would require to change the water pump. but for the 6 cylinder you do need to do the timing belt replacement at certain intervals.

You do not have to change the timing belt to replace the water pump. You do have to remove the timing belt cover to be able to access the bolts that hold the water pump on.

where is the water pump located on 1997 honda accord

Water Pump is behind timing belt cover and is driven by the timing belt.... back side of engine (drivers Side)

How do you remove a water tube from a Honda accord 91 ex

It is located in front of engine you must remove timing cover and timing belt. So if your going to do this replace timing belt to if you have not done so.

I had the same problem with my 1992 Accord. Replacement of the trunk lid gasket fixed the leak, but I had to special order the gasket from a dealer.

The 1995 Honda Accord V6 has a timing belt that must be changed every 90,000 miles. Also replace the cam belt driven water pump at the same time. Warning: This is an interference engine. If the belt breaks you will have serious internal engine damage.

About 2 hours if you are a professional and have done it many times.

The owners manual on a 2003 Honda Pilot (V6 engine) suggests replacing the timing belt at 105K miles as well as inspecting the water pump.

It's under the timing belt cover and- you guessed it- is driven by the timing belt. Leave it to a professional, preferably a dealership.

70,000 is standard on timing belts. Change the water pump at the same time because they die at the same mileage.

It has an interference engine. Get that timing belt replaced and do the water pump at the same time.

Highly recommend while you are already there. Water pump will fail or leak before timing belt needs replaced again

there is no line comming from the water pump on any 90 s accord u replace the whole pump behind the timing belt

Around $900 at a Honda dealer for the timing belt & water pump. Head gasket cost depends on if the head needs work or replacement.

2006 Civic has a chain, no replacement necc. but the water pump still has to be looked at!

Shop around. The Honda dealer was actually a lot CHEAPER than the local independent shops around my house. Expect to pay around $650 to have it done. This includes the recommended water pump replacement at the same time.

The water pump and cam are driven by the same belt. The oil pump has no relation to these.

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