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should not be more than an hours labour (usually around £30 mark) you could do it yourself if you got a set of spanners/sockets as rocker gaskets are an easy diy job, undo the retaining bolts ontop of the rockercover, remove any pipes attached (remember where they go if more than 1, could use tipex to mark) when there is nothing obscuring it from being removed give it a tap with a hammer and replace the gasket, do not over tighten the gasket bolts, check tightness before removing to give you an idea of torque

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Q: How much would it be to get a valve cover gasket repaired?
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Why would there be oil on the outside and on the electrodes of the spark plugs to a 1995 Honda passport?

Leaking valve cover gasket.Leaking valve cover gasket.

Why would oil be coming out of the block area where you add oil and the spark plugs are on a 1997 Chrysler Sebring?

Possible failed valve cover gasket.Possible failed valve cover gasket.

What would cause exhaust to come from valve covers?

warped valve cover. bad gasket. cracked valve cover cracked block

2.4 in a 99 stratus When spark plugs were changed there was oil all over them Would this be valve cover gasket?

Yes, the valve cover gasket and plug tube seals have failed.

Changed spark plugs on a 99 stratus with a 2.4 and plugs had oil all over them would that be the valve cover gasket?

Yes, the valve cover gasket and the plug tube seals.

What makes milky substance in the valve cover would it be head gasket or intake?

Any internal coolant leak can cause a milky residue in the valve cover. Head gasket, intake gasket, cracked/warped head, cracked intake are possible causes.

You have a large oil leak in the right front of your 1998 Saturn vehicle how do you change the head gasket on this vehicle?

An oil leak there is probably a valve cover gasket leaking. it would not require head gasket replacment. Try tightning the bolts on the valve cover. If that does not work then replace the valve cover gasket. Yes it could be the head gasket as there are oil passages in the head and i have heard that head gasket on saturns are prone to failure,look around the valve cover for sings of a leak hopfully that's all it is because replacing the head gasket is costly on th 1.9 sohc

In a 1998 Nissan Altima what would cause oil to leak into spark plug tubes?

the valve cover gasket is bad, or the valve cover is loose

How do you know where oil is leaking from when its on your starter?

I would suspect that is a Valve Cover gasket leaking.

What would cause oil on spark plugs?

the valve cover gaskets are leaking. the valve cover gasket kits are cheep labor is expensive, 5 hour job!

Reason's a H22A4 from a 1998 Honda Prelude would lose oil?

pcv valve replace every 30000 miles.. bad oil pan gasket, or valve cover gasket

What would cause a bad oil leak by the passenger tire in a Toyota 96 Camry after the valve cover gasket has been changed?

You have to check the valve cover gasket from all sides. If it's not the gasket then you should check the break fluid level, and the break tubes around the passenger tire.

What would cause my 88xy to idle up and leak oil out of head gasket and valve cover gasket?

Hmm... it could be several factors. Is the Check engine light on? If so, see if it points to your fast idle control valve or air intake valve. Either one may be the cause of the high idle, especially if the idle is rough. The leak in the valve cover gasket could be as simple as replacing the cover gasket, unfortunately, it is difficult to assess the machine over the internet.

How much would a valve cover gasket be for a 1995 Saturn sl2?

25-35 bucks

Can a blown intake manifold gasket cause a water leak?

If the leak is bad enough i believe it can but i would check your valve cover gasket first.

Oil leak in a 1994 Chevy Camaro?

valve cover gaskets, front main seal, rear main seal, timing chain cover gasket, could be any of these. ... How would i change a valve cover gasket on a 96 camaro rs. Their is a steel plate in the way on the left side.

Why would there be oil in the spark plugs?

Simple. There is a circular gasket for each spark plug between located between the valve cover and the engine. If they are not properly sealed, the oil from the top of engine will leak out of the valve cover and pool into the spark plug sockets. You must remove the oil BEFORE you remove the spark plugs. Anyway, the fix is purchase and install a new valve cover gasket and spark plug gaskets and use a gasket sealant.

How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 1990 Honda Civic 1.5L FI and how much would it cost?

First remove spark plug wires from the top of the valve cover. then remove bolts or nuts around the edge of valve cover. once removed. take off cover and replace o-rings and gasket. gasket is located around edge of cover and o-rings are o shaped rubber gaskets on the cover around the holes where the wires normally go through. be sure to replace cover the same way you remove it. estimated cost would be $35 for just gasket and 0-rings it is recommended to also replace wires and spark plugs when doing this.that cost would be 60-$90 depending on make of vehicle.

Where would an oil leak come from if not the valve cover gaskets on a 1994 Pontiac Transport?

lower intake gasket

When to replace a valve cover gasket?

First it depends on what motor you have. But generally if it isn't leaking oil than I wouldn't mess with it. If you remove a valve cover then you would want to go ahead and change it while you have it off

Why would a power stroke disel show open closed on cyl 2468?

Check the connection on your valve cover gasket.....

What would cause motor oil to get into spark plugs of a 93 Honda Accord?

Oil on the outside of the spark plugs is caused by a leaking valve cover gasket. Replace the valve cover gasket. Oil on the electrode of the spark plugs indicates the engine is worn and is burning oil. The only fix for this is an engine rebuild.

What would cause smoke by the oil dip stick on a 1991 31Rs Camaro Dont know where its coming from you just started it up and seen smoke coming from the hood Would it be oil and oil filter?

Without seeing it, I would think it is the valve cover gasket leaking and dripping on the hot exhaust manifold which causes it to smoke. Get it repaired. Well the oil needs changed badly and how much would you think that would be if it was the vavle cover gasket to be repaired? it could also be your pcv valve not openeing up and the smoke will come out of ur dipstick i have the same prob with my third gen t/a im pretty sure i found ware its comin from it looks like its ware the actual dipstick tube is mines cracked at the base cause be yours is 2 ive heard its somewhat common

Why would a valve cover gasket keep going out?

If, by "going out" you mean it leaks, I can think of a few reasons. First, damage in the cover itself. Second, an incorrectly installed gasket. Third, a blocked pcv valve which permits blow bye gas pressures to build in the engine block and fourth, leaking valve seals also permitting pressure to build in the lifter area.

What would cause smoke resembling burning oil to be emitted from the exhaust manifold breather port on a Chevrolet 305?

Valve cover gasket.