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How much would it cost to change an automatic transmission to a manual transmission in a '93 Mazda MX6?

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Answered 2007-09-19 23:33:15 sign up there!! It can be done but at an extreme cost first you need the trans next you need an engine that came off a manual you cant use the engine that is on your auto

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Does a 2009 Mazda 6 come with the choice of automatic or manual transmission?

A 2009 Mazda 6 does come with the choice of automatic or manual transmission, however the prices of each are not the same, as manual is slightly more expensive.

Can you convert automatic transmission to a manual transmission for a 2004 mazda6?

Yes, a 2004 Mazda 6 can be converted from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission. However, it is very time consuming and will cost a lot of money to do this.

What can you replace a A4LD automatic transmission with?

if you're looking to replace your automatic with manual the only option is the 91-94 Mazda Navajo's manual.

What type of transmission oil does Mazda 323 use?

Use Dextron automatic transmission fluid (even for manual transmission) per the factory manual. Cheers Malcolm Use Dextron automatic transmission fluid (even for manual transmission) per the factory manual. Cheers Malcolm

Is it possible to change a manual transmission into an automatic in a 1990 Mazda Miata?

Yes you can, but take it to a shopAnswerYou should NEVER, EVER replace a manual transmission a Miata. Learn to drive stick. No exceptions, except amputees. Answer

Is there a differEnce between manual and automatic starter on1989 Mazda 626 4 cylinder?

I have never heard of an Automatic Starter. Are you talking about a Remote Starter? Now if you are asking if an A/T equipped Mazda and a Manual Transmission equipped Mazda have the same starter, the answer is yes, they are identical.

What type of transmission fluid do you use in a 2002 Mazda b3000 v6 engine?

From Haynes Repair manual #36071, 1993-2005 Ford Ranger Pick-ups and 1994-2005 Mazda B-Series Pick-ups: Autotamatic transmission fluid: 1997 and later = MERCON V automatic transmission fluid Manual transmission lubricant type: MERCON automatic transmission fluid

What type of fluid for a manual transmission for a 1988 Mazda 323?

Believe it or not, the factory manual calls for Automatic transmission fluid GM Dextron II for the 4 and 5 speed manual transmissions. Cheers Malcolm

What is the cheapest Mazda?

The Mazda 2 with a manual transmission.

What kind of transmission oil for a 1998 Mazda B2500 standard truck 2WD?

Rcommended manual transmission lubricant type: MERCON automatic transmission fluid - Haynes Repair Manual #36071, 1994-2005 Mazda Pick-ups B2300, B2500, B3000, B4000.

What type oil is needed for 94 Ford Ranger manual transmission?

On a 1994 Ford Ranger : The 5 speed manual transmission takes ( 2.8 U.S. quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid ) ( transmission code " M " / Mazda )

What type of transmission fluid should be used for a 99 Mazda b-2500 manual pick up truck?

Some use manual transmission lube and some use automatic transmission fluid. Call your local Mazda dealer and make sure you use the correct one. Or just look in your owner's manual.

What type of transmission fluid do you use for a 1993 Ford Ranger manual transmission?

For a 1993 Ford Ranger , 5 speed manual transmission : ( trans code " M " / Mazda ) It takes 2.8 U.S. quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid

What does AT stand for in Mazda 6?

Automatic transmission

What tranny fluid for a 2.3 1990 ranger with a Mazda tranny?

can you answer the question i have a 1990 ford ranger with a Mazda manual transmission what fluid does it require

Transmission in a 1990 Mazda rx7 convertible automatic?

Yes, there is a transmission in a 1990 Mazda RX7 convertible.

What are the timing specs for a 1996 Mazda 626 2.0?

Timing spec is 12 degrees BTDC, for either manual or automatic transmission.

Where do you check the transmission fluid level in the 1993 Mazda Miata?

automatic has a dipstick under the hood. manual should have a plug on the side of it.

How do you change the transmition filter in a Mazda 626 LX automatic 4.0?

Remove transmission oil pan

What lube goes in the transmission of a 1992 5 speed explorer?

My Haynes repair manual shows Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid for the 5 speed Mazda manual transmission - check to see if ATF is stamped somewhere near the transmission fill plug

What kind of transmission fluid do you put in a 1994 Mazda Navajo?

Dexron II (or III) is the recommended automatic transmission fluid for a 1994 Mazda Navajo. It requires 3 quarts to do a fluid change.

What fluid goes into a 1994 manual 5 speed transmission?

If you have the owners' manual, check it. If not, the 1992 Rangers' Mazda 5-speed manual transmission called for MERCON ATF..yes that's correct; Automatic Transmission fluid goes in the manual transmission. You can fill it through the Hex- bolt hole located on the driver's side of the unit near the middle.

Can you convert a 1986 Mazda RX7 from an automatic to a manual?

Yes you can. It is expensive and needs quite a bit of part switching from the transmission to the clutch, stick, but can be done.

Does anyone know what other transmissions will fit an automatic 1994 Mazda MX6?

93's are not interchangeable with the other years iknow i have on and tried also an auto to a manual cant be done on the original engine manual has to go on a manual etc. so i wish you luck The above answer is totally wrong. ANY Mazda MX6/MX3/626 or Ford Probe can be changed over to manual transmission easily and quickly. The transmission is the Mazda G25M-R for either the 2.0L FS or 2.5L KL engine depending on what you have. There is no difference in the engine between years that would affect fitment of the transmission. The Automatic transmission is a Ford/Mazda CD4E for the 4-cylinder (FS) and a 4EAT for the 6-cylinder (KL). If you're doing it yourself, the manual transmission swap will yield a dependable car with parts from a junkyard, the automatic replacement will now... unless you're purchasing a Mazda (factory) remanufactured and revised transmission. Go to and check out your options.

What type of transmission fluid for a 2001 F250 SuperDuty 4WD?

It appears that Manual and Automatic both requirer the same. Manual Transmission,6-SPD ZF S6-650.....MA5Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidManual Transmission,5-SPD ZF.....MA5[1]Synthetic Automatic Transmission FluidAutomatic Transmission,W/ 4R100.....MA5Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid CAPACITIESEngine, with filter..........15.0 quarts [1]Cooling System, Initial Fill..........33.0 quartsAutomatic Transmission, Total Fill4 speed ..........18.0 quarts4 speed 20 plate 4R100..........17.0 quarts4 speed 26 plate 4R100..........18.0 quartsManual Transmission, 6-SPD W/ Oil Cooler..........13.0 pintsManual Transmission, 6-SPD W/O Oil Cooler........12.0 pintsManual Transmission, 5-SPD Mazda..........7.6 pintsManual Transmission, 5-SPD ZF..........6.8 pintsHope This Helps.