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More than its worth, roll your windows down or buy a different car that has a/c.

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Q: How much would it cost to install an air conditioning system in a 1992 Honda Civic DX?
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Is it possible to retrofit an air conditioning system to your 1990 Honda civic if it is can you just get an AC system from another Honda Civic car and then install it?

It can be done for some models. Is there already AC on the '90 civic? If not it will require some effort but it is definitely not impossible.

Can you install air conditioning in a 1997 Honda Civic DX?

Yeah, but it's not cost-effective.

How do you install air conditioning into your 2000 Honda Civic DX 4 door with a manual trans?

A 2000 Honda Civic should have a standard AC system. To completely install a new system it will need a condenser, evaporator, compressor, and all the necessary hard-lines. Then the system will need to be routed correctly on the engine and wired into the ECU.

Install CD player in a 2000 Honda Civic?

how tu install CD player in Honda civic 99

How much 134 refrigerant is used in 94 Honda civic?

The 1994 Honda Civic air conditioning system has a Freon capacity of five pounds. The 134 Freon refrigerant is no longer sold.

Does your 1998 Honda Civic have anti theft system?

I have a 1998 2 door Honda civic and mine doesn't have keyless entry or an anti theft system installed, you can buy an anti theft system and install it, but they can be expensive

Where do you find picts of how to install fog lights on a 2000 Honda Civic?

need diagram to install 2000 Honda civic syder fog lights

Can you install a gps system in a 05 Honda Civic EX Coupe?

Yes, some googling confirms it

How do you install the distributor on a Honda Civic ex 1.6 vtec 1995?

How to set the distributor in a 1995 Honda civic

How do you replace a air conditioning belt on a 2000 Honda Civic?

An air conditioning belt on a 2000 Honda Civic is adjusted with a pulley. The loosen the adjustment pulley to create enough and pull the belt off. Remove the torque mount bolts to allow enough room to slip out the old belt and install the new belt.

How do you install subwoofers in a 1993 Honda civic?

you just say install sesame

Does the 1999 Honda civic dx have air conditioning?

No. The DX is the bottom of the line a/c, no power anything.

How do you install ac in a Honda civic ex?

get a better car

How do you install a CD player in a 98 Honda civic ex?

How do you install timing belt on 2006 Honda Civic?

The 2006 Honda Civic does not have a timing belt, it uses a chain that should last the life of the engine.

How do you install a windshield in a 1993 Honda civic Si?

Get that to a windshield reseller...

How much does it cost to install ac in a 1997 Honda Civic dx?

I've got a 97 Honda Civic DX, which I had a Honda Dealership in San Jose, CA install the AC for me. It cost me a little over $1500.00 dollars to have it done.

How do you install the splash guards on Honda Civic 2008?

How do you install a 1995 Honda civic dx catalytic converter?

Very carefully

Can you install a 1988 radiator into a 87 model Honda civic?

Yes u can

Does the 1989 Honda civic dx hatchback have air conditioning?

it may or may not... It is an option but it is not a standard feature

How do you install a PVc valve for a Honda civic 1996?

Unplug old one from hose,install the new one.

How do you access 2008 Honda civic tail light wiring for trailer connection?

How do you install trailer wiring on a 2009 civic

How do you install a radio Antenna ion a Honda 1980 Civic Hatchback?

a 1980 civic hatchback , that thing still running,

Why is a Honda Civic called a Honda Civic?

cause its a civic that Honda makes