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Hey Debbie==It varies as to what part of the country you live in and to what is wrong with it. Check a couple of local garages. Goodluck Joe

I had it done on a 93 Camry V6 XLE and it costs about $3,000. Only because the transmission was from Lexus because of the engine and that it is basically a Lexus ES300 with a different badge. But the cost might be different depending on the model of your vehicle and like they said before whats wrong with it. My transmission was totally gone and it was completely replaced and has a 3 year warranty. Just make sure that you arent getting ripped off by the mechanics

I had a 93 LE transmission replaced in 2001 for $2200 in Connecticut

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Q: How much would it cost to repair or replace a 1993 Toyota Camry transmission?
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