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Just Cause (Video Game Series)

How much would you get at gamestop for these games on the ps3 RUSE MLb 10 and Just Cause 2?

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gamestop WILL buy scrached up games if there not to bad or scratched on the cover of this disk. even if you wanted to sell your 360 games to gamestop they will only give you about 5 - 10 dollars for it. its better if you sell it to your friend or just keep it.

You can get them at GameStop/EB GAMES for $20 USD. If you have a Nintendo Wii you can just use your Gamecube Games in that. Just put them in like you would a Wii Game. Thanks for using Answers!

As far as i know EB games is owned by gamestop. At gamestop for a New copy it is $40 i dont know how much a used copy is but i would just get a new copy its a few dollars more but you get the poke walker

You can trade in games for money at gamestop, but you have to be 18 or older with a valid state issued ID. Otherwise you'll just get store credit on a gamestop edge card. Some states require you be 18 to trade.

depends, if its a new game that just came out you will get around $40 for it but if there old you might only get $2 for it. just call them and ask.

Yes you can sell games to Gamestop but just a hint a game that's older than three years is worth relatively little to them. Like only a couple of dollars.

Don't get an ipod shuffle at gamestop! They are really cheap now; it would be <$100. There is a reason an ipod is at gamestop. Just buy it new, you will be much happier :)

your psp cant read games just clean the game that doesn't work then take't to gamestop

just download the gamestop app and wait for install and then open it after and follow the steps and then your done but you must login when you are installing. the seriel code is located when you scroll over the games name in gamestop app in the my games thing.

just buy used pokemon video games, gamestop sells used games for 20 dollars or less

You just walk in the store and pre-order it and then you come and pick it up.

uh, trade in old games and gamestop or ebgames or just save up for one..

gamestop walmart eb games just to name some

you cn buy it in gamestop and another place.i forgot what it was callled,but you should just go to gamestop to get those games.and wal-mart too.

You just go to the store and say I want to sell my game (like i did in gamestop)

yes gamestop coupons work in Stores of gamestop. Just find some coupon and apply to at gamestop store.

Honestly, I looked for it about a month ago in Gamestop and I couldn't find any GBA games. So I doubt it. Maybe it's just the Gamestop that is near us.

I had just called them about this a couple of weeks ago. They said all PS3's would be around $70-120$ store credit. I know, I know, Gamestop majorly rips people off. But if you don't like what Gamestop offers, just go online and sell it.

you can buy video games and supplies at bestbuy, gamestop, or just walmart.

Your local Gamestop will usually have used Pokemon games ther, if they dont. You can leave your phone number with them and they will call you when they get one in stock.Just go to gamestop and buy the game or order it online.

try a gamestop or eb games (they have new and used) if not, then just go to

Im Sure gamestop could do it for under $10, but also i would just get a new one..

Games similar to Just Cause 2 are the previous Just Cause series game, Grand Theft Auto and perhaps Saints Row. I find that JC2 is the most expansive and varied game in its environments and experiences. The last two games in that list also have more violence and have unethical themes, that may be something to keep in mind.You can also check out other games under thecategoriesof Open World or Sandbox games. You may also want to search for Third-Person games, they would be more similar to Just Cause 2.

I Think gamestop might have one, or some video game store that just sells video games.

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