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How much would you sell a Toyota pickup truck for with a blown head gasket?


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This would depend on the year and make of the truck. In general, an older truck would sell for 1500 dollars or so with a blown head gasket.

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Depends on where you live and if any damage was done other than just a blown head gasket. You must fix it so cost is not really a factor unless you want to junk the truck.

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Yes. There is coolant flowing through your heads and if that gasket is blown then coolant could be entering your cylinders, causing stalling. Check your oil, if it is "Chocolate milky" looking, then you have coolant entering your oil, possibly from a blown head gasket or many other locations. Hope this helps. Remember to start with the simpilest solution first.

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http://www.ncttora.com/fsm/1993/index.html This is the FSM the Toyota Technicians use. It has all the information you need. There is no difference in the 93 and 94 truck.

you have put a new head gasket on it.

I have a 1990 Toyota Pickup that has had recent overheating problems. The thermostat is fine, there is a possible water pump leak, but I think the head gasket might be blown because there was a milky fluid when I drained my radiator. Because I thought the gasket was blown I put everything back together, so I could take it to a shop and get a compression check, and tried to start the truck, to make sure I put it back together correctly, and now it wont start and there's white smoke pouring out of the valve cover. There is oil in the truck and I filled the radiator with water. Can this be caused by a blown head gasket or is the engine gone. Thanks. Yes, it would appear you have a blown head gasket. You will have to tow the truck to a shop for diagnosis and repair. Do not try to start it again or you can do serious damage to the engine.

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You will need to drain the oil from your 1988 Toyota Pickup truck oil pan. Remove the oil pan by removing the oil pan retaining bolts. Scrape the old oil pan gasket off. Clean the oil pan gasket surface. Put the new oil pan gasket on and reverse the process.

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I think that means you have a blown head gasket. I am no mechanic though.

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You can get a speedometer cable for your 1990 Toyota pickup truck at most auto-parts stores. Many Toyota dealerships have auto part departments open to the public.

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