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It depends entirely on the damages to your car. If your insurance company finds the other driver At Fault, an adjuster will inspect your car or you will be instructed to visit a mechanic for an estimate. If you go through the other driver's insurance, you will be issued a check in the amount of the estimated repair cost. If you go through your own insurance, you will be covered for that amount, with the exception of the deductable, which you will pay.

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Q: How much your check would be if your car was hit from behind and it wasn't your fault?
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If the check is for the damage to the car, it would go to one of the registered owners. If the check is for injuries, it would go to the injured party.

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What all do insurance pay for when hit from behind?

For the most part, when involved in a vehicular collision where you are struck from behind by another driver, the other driver is considered legally at fault, and their insurance would be who pays for any expenses as covered. Some insurances require you to pay fees regardless of fault, however.

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