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How nuch money do footballers get?


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In Soccer? Or in Football?


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golf earns more money than footballers

Footballers are richer anyday, but Politicians have corrupt money.

footballers get overpaid. they get more money than people in the army and all footballers do is kick a ball around and shooting goals

It all depends on how well their clothing line is selling.

No, unfortunately the huge wages enjoyed by male footballers is no where near what female footballers are paid. Some male footballers would be on £100,000 a week, women might be getting £500 at best. It is because there is very little money in the women's game.

1 mile and 40 inches is nuch bigger.1 mile and 40 inches is nuch bigger.1 mile and 40 inches is nuch bigger.1 mile and 40 inches is nuch bigger.

We must remember that footballers get hurt often, and are often out for weeks. And as a footballer ,his career ends by the time he is 34 years. So he must make his money now. Another point is most of the big footballers have come from poor families, so they need the money. But the African footballers play for the fun of it.

$2,342.98 plus about 5 books of Trading Stamps

Footballers should Not Get Paid More Then Soildiers Because All The Footballers Are Doin Is Runnning Round a Pitch And The Soilders Are Actually Risking There Lives So They Sould Get More Money For It !!

they don't have a very long career

Footballers are paid huge sums weekly.

Real Madrid have money and they splash it out o good footballers, and it is a desire for footballers to wear the famous white shirt of Real Madrid.

The most money spent on footballers are Chelsea and Manchester United.

nah it should be played for money its a job but not the wages footballers are on now

Collective nouns for footballers are a team of footballers or a squad of footballers.

It depends on the footballer. If they are just selfish and all they care about is money, women and sex then probably not.

Footballers in the 1950,60 and 70s did not get paid as todays players.

footballer get 120,000 a week , a year way over a million.

Because they are on tv everyweek and people who are on tv get alot of money

Footballers get more money, as they get a regular weekly salary. While bodybuilders do not get it weekly.

Not all footballers do. Some even pay to play(non pro) The best are hosehold names generating huge income for their clubs and sponsers. So they get their slice

Yes, footballers can and sometimes do get hypothermia.

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