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Generally speaking if there is one car per person in the household then everyone is a primary driver. If there are fewer cars (2 cars 3 drivers) then one person can always be an occasional operator.

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Q: How often can a none primary driver drive before they are the primary driver?
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How many miles should an occasional driver drive?

An occasional driver should only drive as many occasional miles as he might occasionally want to drive. The term Occasional driver is not indicative of how many miles they might drive but rather how often they may drive, there is no specific legal definition for an occasional driver. Most Insurers develop there own guidelines to determine if some fits the definition of an occasional driver. Generally an occasional driver would drive your vehicle no more than a few times a year. If they drive regularly once a week or regularly once a month, or once every 6 weeks, then they are a regular driver. By the very definition of the term, an occasional driver would not know how often they are going to drive. Any type of planned or scheduled use would define them as a regular driver.

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If the vehicle has brakes on the steer axle (which any truck from 1975 and newer will have), they're using both the primary and secondary system - primary for the drive axle and trailer brakes, secondary for the steer axle brakes, and often for any additional lift axle brakes, as well.

What states can you drive in with a Michigan learners permit?

Nearly all states in the Midwest allow someone with a Michigan learner's permit to drive there, but there is a restriction. If you have a Level One permit, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver-- preferably a parent or guardian, but often any licensed driver who is at least 21 years old. The licensed driver must be sitting in the front passenger seat.

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It depends on how often you use your car. If you're a city driver changing it every year is a good idea. If you drive a lot you will have to change your filter more often as it depends on how much crud it ingests.

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Can a person that has state farm car insurance let someone else drive their car even if that person is not on the policy?

How often is this person driving the vehicle, do they reside with you in the household? If you answers often and yes - and they are not on the policy, they should be a named driver in order to be covered.

How reliable are auto diagnostics?

The auto diagnostics that are available nowadays are very reliable and accessible. Often the diagnostics can find a problem before the driver is even aware of it.

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