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You can take the baby swimming for short periods at a time. However, take care that the temperature of the water is not cold and that the sun is not at its most fierce. In addition, it will be worthwhile to put ear drops (look up vinegar/alcohol combination for homemade or purchase) to prevent outer ear infections after swimming. Wait at least an hour after a meal to go swimming, which will prevent urination etc. in the pool. The pool will have to be shocked if there are feces and that ends the fun. If you use diapers, put a thick pair of potty training pants over it so that the diaper does not become a burden to the child. When the child is older, use the training pants under the suit.

As far as actual swimming, the best thing is to take a mom and tot class where you are in the water with the child. This makes it fun and also is a consistent way to approach the water with your child. Throwing the child in does not work at all. There is really no way to "water proof" your child, so never leave them alone in the pool. If you have a home pool, put a barrier around it and use locks on the upper door jam that prevent the door from opening.

No matter how much you put babies in the water, be aware that one year they can love the water, while the next they can act petrified of it. Each year you may need to start over, although the learning process will be faster. Make sure early sessions are quiet and do not have high activity from others. The type of float you obtain makes it easier for the child to swim --get the one that fits like a sweater where the child floats horizontally. Flippers are great, too.

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Q: How often can you take an 8-month-old in the swimming pool?
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