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How often change top end on KTM 250SX?

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It all depends on your riding.racers change 25hrs or so.I ride every other week end 3-4 hrs,its giong on 3yrs since last top end.Buy compression tester 170psi needs top end,my compression 220.KTMs piston are forged like wisco,But Austria quality.Usually bike has lost power,runs but not as peppy ,depending on compression.

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Will a KTM 200sx engine fit in a 2003 KTM 125sx chasis?

Yes the frames are exact and the 200/125 share the botom end/cases.

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What is a rattling in your engine of your ktm 85sx?

Most likely you are hearing piston slap. Probably time for a new top end.

Does a ktm 250 exc have a choke?

Yes, Its located on the carby it's a black stick with a bulb ish end with curves.

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Well, the ktm 105 sx is a juniour racing bike that goes in the "85 cc class", they have designed the 105 sx to have just that extra power to beat the 85 sx in its class. The 144 sx is pretty much the same consept as the 105 but it is in the 250 f and 125 cc class, they have a full size frame and again more kick in the top end to get you going. But personally, i think the "better" bike is the 125sx, i have one my self and it has just the right amount of power in the top and bottom end. they are also more common, so theres no trouble with parts in your local mx shop. thanx Jules.

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Why wont your 125 ktm power band work on low RPM?

A 125 2 stroke doesn't have much in the low rpm's, however if you feel it does not have as much down low as it use to you might consider the following: is your plug fouled whats your mix ratio change main jet if needed when was the last time you did a top end

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Is a ktm faster than a Yamaha?

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