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Although medieval and renaissance era society bathed less than modern society on the whole, their hygiene was held to a higher standard than that of the ensuing centuries. It's a common myth and misconception that the last few centuries "invented" regular bathing. Medieval society, particularly nobility, gentry, and even wealthy commoners probably bathed once a week, and washed their faces, hands, and private areas daily. There are records of heated bathhouses existing in London since the early middle ages. Soap was also manufactured and used commonly by those of means,

Dental hygiene in particular was of concern to respectable medieval society, and many people combined regular cleanings with herbs to ensure than bad breath was avoided. Queen Elizabeth was known to be somewhat vain about her looks and supposedly would not tolerate "smelly" individuals in her presence. She never specified the frequency of her bathing, but it can be estimated that it was at least once a week, perhaps twice given her interest in remaining clean. Bathroom hygiene was also quite good among nobles, and some were known to maintain in-house bathrooms with padded leather seats, ventilation systems, and stacks of linen cloths for wiping. The beds of the wealthy were often stuffed with cotton, which discouraged lice and bug infestations.

The author of this answer is unsure as to the origins of the "dirty middle ages' myth. Perhaps people took the living conditions of some serfs and applied them pan-society. Peasants, especially those located in heavily populated urban areas could be quite foul, bathing only a handful of times a year and rarely changing clothing. Some urban areas, particularly the poorer areas of large cities had very low quality waste and water management. Rural areas and villages were generally significantly cleaner.
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Who is Queen Elizabeth?

There have been two Queens named Elizabeth in British History. Elizabeth I, Queen of England, reigned from 17 November 1558 - 24 March 1603. Elizabeth II, the current monarch, has reigned since 6th February 1952. She is Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She ( Full Answer )

Who was Queen Elizabeth I?

She was by some standards the second-ever female monarch of GreatBritain, crowned in 1558, who held the throne for 44 years andnever married. Her name is applied to the Elizabethan Period ofEnglish history. She was the third child of King Henry VIII, fromhis marriage to Anne Boleyn, and succeeded he ( Full Answer )

How did Queen Elizabeth become Queen?

Answer . Queen Elizabeth I inherited the throne by right of succession in 1559. . Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.. Queen Elizabeth II was proclaimed queen on 6 February 1952 following the death of her father, George VI.. Elizabeth I became queen because ( Full Answer )

When did Queen Elizabeth I become queen?

Elizabeth I ascended the throne on November 17, 1558, at the age of 25. She inherited the throne of England from her half-sister, Queen Mary I. She became Queen when Mary died and remained in power until her death on March 24, 1603. Despite some dangerous moments whilst she was Princess Elizabeth ( Full Answer )

When did Queen Elizabeth become queen?

Elizabeth I ascended the throne on November 17, 1558, at the age of25. She inherited the throne of England from her half-sister, QueenMary I. Elizabeth II ascended to the thrones of the Commonwealth Realms onFebruary 6, 1952, at age 25, upon the death of her father, KingGeorge VI (originally named ( Full Answer )

Queen Elizabeth who?

Queen Elizebeth the 1st was Henry 8th daugter. Elizebeths mother was anne boylen. Anne Boylen was put to death, she was excauted for cheating on Henry.

What did Queen Elizabeth I do?

Under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, the Spanish Armada wasdefeated. She also helped create programs to help the poor and madeEngland more tolerant to other religions.

Why is Queen Elizabeth queen and not Margaret?

Answer . Queen Elizabeth II was the eldest daughter of King George VI, her sister, The Princess Margaret was her younger sibling.. Because she was older, Princess Elizabeth, as she was before she became Queen, took precedence over her sister..

How did Queen Elizabeth I become queen?

Queen Elizabeth I became queen when her sister (who was queen before her) died. Her sister was called Mary.. How Elizabeth I Became Queen . Unlike previous sovereigns, receipt of the crown would not come as a simple birthright for Elizabeth. The daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boyeln, Elizabeth ( Full Answer )

What did Queen Elizabeth the I do?

To start things off: Stabilized the Church of England as the official church for a long period. Fought off the Spanish Armada. Promoted colonization. Imprisoned and beheaded Mary queen of Scots.

Why was Queen Elizabeth I such a popular Queen?

she was popular because while she was a weak female figure on the outside, she was strong at heart. she also was smart enough to use English sea dogs to raid the spanish ships. she was also ruling when the spanish armada was taken down.

Queen Elizabeth the Virgin Queen?

Yes, Queen Elizabeth I is best known as the virgin queen because she was never married or had children. This ment that once she'd died the throne would be given to her cousin who would become 'King James I'. Her actual " virginity " was and has always been a point of speculation.She was desirous o ( Full Answer )

What did Elizabeth I do as a queen?

A brief summary. - Created a solution to the catholic/protestant divide in religion by making a compromise. - Defeated the Spanish armada. - Started the English colonisation of America (not very successful). - Helped the Netherlands gain independence. - Executed her relatives: The duke of ( Full Answer )

Who Queen Elizabeth?

\n. \nThere were two Queen Elizabeths, one is alive and is the Queen of the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, etc and the other is dead and was the Queen of England, Ireland and France.

Was Queen Elizabeths a good queen?

She is one of the best monarchs of all times and she was a very popular queen due to her ruling which stopped rebellions, war and conquer. She also settled religious differences.

Who was queen after Queen Elizabeth?

Are you talking about Elizabeth I or Elizabeth II?. If Elizabeth the First, she wasn't succeeded by another queen, but by King James I of Scotland.. If you're asking which female Royal is next in line to the English throne after Elizabeth the Second, it's Princess Anne. Up until recently, English ( Full Answer )

What is Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth is the queen of England , Wales and Scotland, and also queen of the comonwealth. countries.

How often did Queen Victoria bathe?

Daily in early life then in later life less often while getting a bath in her time each day was reality. Obviously, she would bath more in summer than winter and as she gained weight was over 45 and became in pain, getting in and out of tubs was not pleasant so she likely avoided it much more in win ( Full Answer )

What did Queen Elizabeth 1 do as a Queen?

Some of the things that Queen Elizabeth 1 did as Queen includesurrounding herself with loyal and highly intelligent advisers.During her reign there was significant overseas expansion, anincrease in literacy, and she established the Poor Laws.

How did Queen Elizabeth get to become queen?

She ascended to the Royal office on the death of her Father , George Vi, there was an interregnum until she became adult. Elizabeth II was crowned in l953, this marking the coronation, and beginning of her reign. Queen Mary died in l953 and this slowed things up a bit, so to speak. ( 3.25.53).

Is Queen Elizabeth the same as Queen Elizabeth I?

Because there have been two Queen Elizabeth's you need to be clearabout which one is meant when you just say "Queen Elizabeth". Thecurrent Queen Elizabeth is Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth Iwas queen from 1558 to 1603.

Who was the queen after Elizabeth I?

The next ruler of England was King James I, whose wife was Anne ofDenmark and was referred to as the Queen. However the next queenregnant (who reigned in her own right) after Elizabeth I was MaryII who was co-ruler with William III.

How many bathes did Queen Elizabeth take?

History does not record for us the number of times that Queen Elizabeth I visited the city of Bath, Somerset to take the waters there - or, indeed, whether she ever visited the vicinity of Aquae Sulis (the ancient Latin name for the Roman settlement on that spot) at all. We do know that the city o ( Full Answer )

Did Queen Elizabeth the 1st bathe in blood?

I think you mean to say Elizabeth Báthory, a woman that lived in the 1600's. was a countess from the renowned Báthory family of Hungarian nobility. She and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls, with one witness attributing to them over 650 victims, though ( Full Answer )

Why did Queen Elizabeth I have her portrait painted so often?

Most royalty had their pictures painted constantly it was a sign of wealth and influence. It also made you look like a patron to the arts. Elizabeth was also vain, so it may have been a sign of her vanity as well as her wealth.

Is Queen Elizabeth proud to be your queen?

Her Majesty is not proud, she takes her Royal duties very seriouslyand when she was a young teenager she made a vow to serve all hersubjects to the best of her ability. She believes it is a privilegeto serve her country and people.

Who was queen after Queen Elizabeth I?

Queen Elizabeth I was a Queen regnant meaning she had real power the next queen, Anne of Denmark, was a queen consort meaning she had no power and was just married to the monarch, the next Monarch after Queen Elizabeth I was King James VI & I, and the next Queen regnant in British history was Queen ( Full Answer )

What did Queen Elizabeth do as a Queen?

She lead the country England and she defended them from war.... from the spanish armada.. she did many other things but i don't really care what she did.. if you needed this answer for homework.. i am sorry... i am bored but she was a leader of England and she defended her country and she was born o ( Full Answer )

What kind of queen was Queen Elizabeth I?

She was known as Good Queen Bess. Elizabeth I was the last of the Tudor Dynasty and many books and two good, historically accurate movies have been done on her life- both starring Bette Davis. There are all sorts of nuances such as the War against the Spanish Armada, religious conflicts- the executi ( Full Answer )

Did Queen Elizabeth I have a choice to be queen?

In theory throughout the centuries, the British Monarch inherits the throne by virtue of royal lineage, the will of God, and perhaps more recently, the will of the people through Parliament. Queen Elizabeth I, as any other sovereign, had the right to, of her own free will, give up the throne. This i ( Full Answer )

Who became queen after Queen Elizabeth?

One assume you mean Elizabeth I or Elizabeth Tudor. She, who had no children, was succeeded by James I, who was the son of the murdered Mary, Queen of Scots ( executed 1587) James" wife was Anne of Denmark, who was a Blonde, of Danish origin as her name implies. She was Queen Consort ( not regnant) ( Full Answer )

What Is Queen Elizabeth Besides Queen?

Titular Head of the Church of England - sometimes called Episcopal - in England the abbreviation C.o.E. stands primarily for Church of England- in the US it is the Army Corps of Engineers - No, Her Majesty does not don a construction helmet with the stylized fort design up front and center! not THAT ( Full Answer )

Why is Queen Elizabeth the queen of Canada?

Her Majesty is the Queen of Canada as per s. 9 of the Constitution Act, 1867 , which vests executive government and authority in the Queen. The Queen is represented, in Canada, by the Governor General (currently His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston), who performs nearly all of the Que ( Full Answer )

How did Queen Elizabeth get to be a queen?

When King George V died, his eldest son, Edward, became king. Edward fell in love with a divorced woman, Wallis Simpson. Royal Family members cannot marry divorced people. Edward was given a choice: the woman or the crown. Edward chose the woman, and his younger brother Albert became king. Albert to ( Full Answer )

Elizabeth queen of what?

The present Queen Elizabeth is queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Was Queen Elizabeth always Queen Elizabeth?

No, when she was born a princess. Her father was only the second son of King George V and therefore she was not expected yet to become queen.

How often did Queen Elizabeth I have a bath?

The often repeated quote is that she had a bath every month "whether I need it or not". Bathing was not a frequent and regular activity in those days, and even up to the last century many (especially children) were sewn into their clothes for the winter and straw was scattered on the floor instead o ( Full Answer )

How often is the Queen Elizabeth II portrait done for coins?

The Monarchs portrait is updated periodically. The original Queen Elizabeth II portrait was first used in 1953. The second portrait began to be used in 1968 for the gradual introduction of decimal currency. In 1971, all British decimal coins featured the second portrait. The third portrait began to ( Full Answer )

Why was Queen Elizabeth queen of England?

Elizabeth the I was daughter of Henry the VIII, and her sister was Mary I of England. So when Mary died she was the 1st in line to the throne. Elizabeth II, was never supposed to be Queen, but Henry 8th, I think, wanted to marry a divorced lady in America. So the Throne was handed over to his bro ( Full Answer )

What did Queen Elizabeth the second do as a queen?

Set a splendid example of duty, discipline and good humour in a bewilderingly fast-changing society across sixty years, currently being celebrated as her Diamond Jubilee.

Who was the queen after Queen Elizabeth the first?

James I succeeded Elizabeth in 1603. His wife was Anne of Denmark. The next female monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain was a different Queen Anne of the House of Stuart in 1707.

Who was queen at the time of Queen Elizabeth?

In 1558, Queen Elizabeth I succeeded her half-sister Queen Mary, and lived until 1603. When Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926, her grandfather George V was king and the queen consort was Mary of Teck. Elizabeth's mother was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Duchess of York) who became queen consort whe ( Full Answer )