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How often do carpets need to be changed?


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Most carpet manufacturers include a "rated for" length of time for the life of the carpet. The most common is 10 years. The price of the carpet usually reflects the life expectation of the carpet. The more expensive carpet will generally last longer. If you have purchased a new house, you can get the carpet information from the builder. It you have purchased a pre-owned house, you should ask the seller when the carpet was last replaced. If the seller replaced it prior to sale, ask for the paperwork, or plan on replacing it within 5 years, since sellers always choose the most inexpensive carpet. Other factors on the life of a carpet are maintenance and wear pattern. For longer life, frequent vacuuming is important, and yearly (at least)professional cleaning.


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Customers every now and then ask carpet cleaners about how often they should clean the carpets. The answer to this question lies in the reason why the carpets should be cleaned. Quite a few people clean the carpets mostly for the purpose of look but many home owners are very much concerned concerning maintaining the cleanliness and health levels of their homes. It may seem to be a huge surprise, but carpets can really be very obliging in keeping the home healthy and clean. The carpets act as a large air filters for your residence; it captures dust, dander of pets, pollen grains from flowers, other pollutants like chemicals etc. A carpet that acts as a trap can be actually beneficial, on the condition that the carpets are cleaned at regular intervals of time, much like the filters of your air conditioning systems and air ducts.

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If it doesn't need changing then don't change it. Spending money you don't need to is not clever, and new carpets don't come cheap.

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Specialized carpet cleaners will provide a range of techniques and products to treat your carpets. Having your carpets efficiently cleaned also lengthens the life of your carpet and creates a better environment for your family.

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Go around to each of your neighbors, asking for old flooring. You need to get three for Saharah, but sometimes only 2 or 1 of your neighbors have old carpets. If this happens, just save the old carpets you got for next time, so that you can take your neighbors carpets and your already obtained old carpets.

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This answer changes depending on many aspects such as allergies, children, pets, and whether the carpet gets heavy use or light use. Dirt is like sandpaper. It damages your carpet. The more frequently you have your carpets cleaned, the longer they will last. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpet competently cleaned every 7 to 12 months, depending on your lifestyle.

The average American home replace their carpets every 8 to 10 years.

No. The outgoing tenant is responsible to leave the rented premises in the same condition as when they moved in. That also goes for when you move in so if the carpets aren't clean make sure it is noted and you will not need to get them cleaned when you move out.

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