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not very often. usually that person is only around to fool around with. not very often. Satisitcs The chances of them getting married are less than 10%. The chances of them divorcing are about 80%. You can't build a relationship on the ashes of other's despair.

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Q: How often do cheating spouses marry their affair partners?
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Why some people never marry?

People never marry because they find there partners cheating on them. Because they decide that they don't want the responsibilities when in committed marriage.

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In love with an ex and both of you are married?

* Cheating is the lowest form one partner can do to another so it's better for each of you to be honest with your partners and divorce and marry each other. If marriage is not an option for either of you and you are having an affair then it isn't love. Either commit to each other or stay with your mates and stop keeping in contact with each other.

Why can't you let your lover go if you're both married to other people and have been having an affair for 2 years and he was your first love over 23 years ago?

I believe people should be happy and since you were both in love 23 years ago and that love has not gone away (why did it?) then it's unfair of both of you having an affair on your spouses and not coming clean. If you love each other that much then you should be honest to yourselves, your mates, get divorced and marry. True love (if we are lucky to get it) only comes around once. I have no idea why you didn't persue it 23 years ago. Remember, by cheating (and it is cheating) your spouses deserve more honesty and courtesy and, it appears you and your lover are very much in love. So, talk it over with your lover and then come clean with your spouses. It will hurt them, but you are hurting them worse by sneaking around. Marcy

What percent of cheating wives marry the other man?

I don't know the exact percents, but statically speaking most cheating spouses DO NOT marry the person whom they have cheated with. It's not about love though the cheating people often feel "love". Its about the thrill of the chase and they mis interpret the feeling of adrenaline for the feelings of love. Once the non cheating spouse leaves the situation it is rare that the cheating couple will continue on with a serious lifetime commitment. Now it does happen, but again statically speaking the marriage will often not last for any length of time. Once a cheater, always a cheater without profession intervention.

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Crime of having two life partners at a time?

It is not illegal unless you marry them both partners, this is called Bigamy.

As far as his divorce they said it was because he had an affair did he marry the woman he had an affair with and did Linda re marry does Brooke still resent her mother?

This question has nothing to do with the Greek mythology of Zeus or Aphrodite.

Are you responsible for your spouses debt accrued before marriage?

Yes, you are responsible for the debt of someone you marry. When you marry someone you give all you have, and they give all they have.

Why was Saint Monica forced to marry?

At the time arranged marriages were common. Parents arranged spouses for their children.

What do you do if you classify your husband affair material?

ANSWER: Even if your husband is an affair material, that will not be his legit reason why he is having an affair. It can't be that he is not getting his needs at home, it will explain why he ask you to marry him if he will betrayed you.

When men marry the women they had affairs with can their marriage work?

Answer If you marry a man you had an affair with, you'd be crazy and here's why. If he was married and was having an affair with you what's to stop him from marrying you and having an affair behind your back? I wouldn't trust a guy like that if he gave me the moon. ANSWER: It depends on the individual, but if he marry the woman he had the affair with the woman will start asking herself if she can trust him. After all this man did betrayed his wife before, so how can she be sure if he will be devoted to her.

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