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Most creditor/clients of the CRA's report monthly via automated tapes. Some creditors report sporatically, some never report. Some only report when you are late, like utility companies.

Most creditors report on a 30 days cycle, but that isn't always the beginning or ending of the month. It will also take some time to report on your credit report. So probably you are looking at a 60 days turn around on most late payments.


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Creditors may report any time there is activity on your account, if a credit report is pulled [for a credit application] or if payments are made late. Capital One may report every month whereas a smaller department store card may not report at all. It solely depends on the creditor on how often the credit report is updated.

Seven years. However, they will have less effect as time goes by. For example, late payments over a year old do not harm your credit as much as late payments from last month. Late payments over 2 years old are generally ignored.

if your payments are made on time, and your lender reports to credit bureau, your credit score might decrease, because your lender didn't report your auto loan. however, once report is made by your lender, following month your credit score will jump a little.

It sometimes takes a month or two to be added as a negative on your credit report.

If you mean... Your payments are due May 5th and you pay May 5th payment on June 3rd... Then yes, they cannot report Mays payment as being 30 days late. I have been doing it every month for over a year trying to get caught up

Some credit report companies offer a month of trial period, you can use that to get a free credit report. You can also request for free annual credit report through TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

Vehicle financing can be done two ways. You can go to a buy here, pay here car dealership that will sometimes report to credit agencies. If you have good credit, you can finance a car at a larger dealership. Small buy here, pay here lots require a smaller down payment and the monthly payments are not as expensive. You have a choice of when you would like to make your payments during the month depending on how you get paid. Larger car dealers can offer specials to customers on down payments and monthly payments. They will definitely make a report to a credit agency, and the payment will be due at a certain point in the month.

While you are meeting the terms of the loan contract and making all the payments required on time, the lender will not see that there is any problem with your loan.

It CAN have a positive effect, but it also depends on the rest of your credit report. Leaving a small balance is advice often given to people who are looking to establish credit: borrow money, pay most of it, but show that you can make payments responsibly by making payments on a small balance.

Find a landlord that doesn't check your credit report, and make your rent payments every month. You may qualify for assistance depending on your status. Check with your state or local assistance agency about housing assistance.

If you have an Amazon store card or credit card, you have to make payments every month.

A credit card is a line of credit given to a person that has good credit. the person can charge things and pay it back with small payments each month.

These are the three things which help you to build your credit score with credit cards.! Apply for loan under easy installments Cosigning with an existing A/c holder Report Rent payments to Bureaus

No, it won't hurt your credit. In fact it will improve your score.

This depends on what is wrong with your credit report. If you have accounts sent to collections, then you need to pay them off and wait for seven years for them to drop off your credit report. If you have late payments, start paying on time each and every month. If you are using more than 30% of your available credit, then pay off some of your debt until you are below 30%. Those are just some of the many ways to "fix" your credit.

A free Equifax report can be obtained through the Equifax site as well as Free Credit Report. Most free Equifax credit reports require a subscription of $19.95 per month credit monitoring and reporting. However, that can be canceled after receiving the report.

Yes, for better or worse, depending on your payments. If you pay on time you're set and you will see an increase month to month. If you fall back on payments, so shall your score

History on your credit accounts, especially what has taken place in the last twelve months, accounts for 35% of your credit score. This can mean a 200 to 300 point deduction for late payments. The derogatory information stays on your credit report for 7 years. But it will start to affect your score less and less after that critical 12 month period is over.

I just had my credit reviewed. It showed me exactly which payments were 30 days late by show the month and year of every late payment I had (and even 90 and 120 days). But it did not show what day they reported it. There were also some late payments I knew I had, but did not show up because the company did not report it. Ask the company how long after a delenquency will they report it, they will usually tell you. It is is only or first offense and you don't make a habbit of it you are probably going to be okay.

If you keep the account balance reasonable (low) or pay it off every month, and if you make payments on time, preferably more than the minimum, in time your credit rating will improve. It may take approx. 6-12 months.

== == Each month that you make an on-time payment your credit score increases.

Normally, banks such as capital one report to credit bureaus every thirty days or every month. Also, when they make their report, all information should be complete and correct.

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