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How often do men think about sex?

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That depends very mich upon how disrespectful they are, how monogimous they are, and how many times they take part in spiritually detrimental media. Everytime they see a hot chick, instantly. It is irresistable not to think how pleausable it would be to hit the sack with a girl. It happens a lot more than we think it does cuz no one is going to admit it very openly in fear that they will be looked at as a perv. == Answer== A study showed that on average men think about sex every 5 seconds. For a lot of men, anytime there is a lull in their thinking. They need it to brighten up the day. So, if men get bored, even if it's every 10 minutes, they will think about sex. This might be an exargeration, but it does help pass the time. And, also, it depends on who's in the vicinity. If it's at a ball game, it's quite often. Then, if they are reading something good, there might be a while before sex comes up. But it will come up, sooner than you think.

2008-02-17 12:41:42
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How often do men think about sex on average?

every 7 seconds

What do men think about?

Sex, food, sex, sports, sex , work, sex, recreational activities, sex ... oh , you get the idea.

Who think more about sex men or women?


What do men think of sex?


Why are some men too nice to women that are no good?

they want sex that's all they think of sex sex sex there no good them self not all men but those men don't mess with them

How often does the average male think about sex?

too often

Do women end relationships more often than men?

I think it's about 50 50 if anything men end relationships more because they have a bigger sex drive.

How many times a day do men think about sex?

i think they think about it all the time

Are uggs made for boys?

They do have UGG's for men, but you probably do no see men wearing them to often, well at-least i don't. I think they made them for both now just for one sex or the other.

Why do men think of only one thing?

Beacause we think about sex and it ownssss!!!!

How often do men pre ejaculate during sex?

just once

What do you think men can learn from women?

How to have sex and how to act Sexy

Are sex-linked traits that are recessive phenotypes most often seen in men or woman?


Do older women often marry younger men?

the women who marry younger men are sexy and luv sex

How often do guys think about sex?

one word... ALWAYS!

How often guys think about sex?

Every 7 Seconds!

Why do boys always think about sex?

Boys/Men always think about sex because in their Brain Pituitary gland secretes more than an average femail there by making him immediately think about sex and even imaginging every 10sec about sleeping and etc ... So Ladies pl beware of boys/Men

Will sexual desires are more in male or female?

Men have stronger sex drives than males. The majority of adult men under the age of 60 at least think about sex once a day. men want sex more often than women at the start of a relationship, in the middle of it, and after many years of it. this isn't just true about heterosexuals, gay males also have a higher frequency of sex than lesbians at all stages of the relationship. men also say they want more sex partners in their lifetime, and are more interested in casual sex. Men are more likely to seek sex even when it is frowned upon or even out lawed.

Why is it that girls dont think about sex as much as men?

because some men like to see women naked.

Why do men think they sperm to quick?

Because when they have sex they want it to last longer.

What is the biggest system in your body?

i think is is sex with you baba sexy lady or men

Is watching sex movies help men to last longer?

i think it is great

Why do men like nude photes?

They think differently about sex than women

How often do women think of sex?

That depends on the girl. Some think more, some think less about sex. My experience has been that there are women that think many times per day about sex and the other side is every few months.

How often is sex good after fifty five for men?

The more you have it the better it will get. Sexually active couple in their sixties still have a regular sex life.