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That depends on the girl. Some think more, some think less about sex.

My experience has been that there are women that think many times per day about sex and the other side is every few months.

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How often does the average male think about sex?

too often

Who think more about sex men or women?


Do women have sexual desire equal to men?

Women think about sex 5 time each hour, think about it

What do you think men can learn from women?

How to have sex and how to act Sexy

Do older women often marry younger men?

the women who marry younger men are sexy and luv sex

Is it natural for a 80 year old women to enjoy sex sex?

if she is comfortabal having sex i think it is fine.everyone has their own feelings

How often do guys think about sex?

one word... ALWAYS!

How often guys think about sex?

Every 7 Seconds!

How do you convey a girl at your house for sex?

Women do not think it is flattering when a guy is just after sex. So ask her out and get to know her.

What sex gets eye cancer?

Most of the time, the eye cancer is found in women. Men can get it too, but not as often as women.

Which ethnicity is most targeted for sex trafficking?

women and children in china............I THINK ✵

Why do men like nude photes?

They think differently about sex than women

Do women end relationships more often than men?

I think it's about 50 50 if anything men end relationships more because they have a bigger sex drive.

Your women has gone off sex?

I think that means you need to ensure her pleasure and switch things up in bed.Unlike what most People think a lot of women like sex just as much as men if it’s done properly.

How often do men think about sex on average?

every 7 seconds

Does guys think of sex?

yes guys think of sex.i think guys think of sex more than woman. It does not matter were they are they think about it alot. personally as a women i think about sex 24/7 i want it with everyone that walks past me and i consider that normal. If drunk i would rape everyone

What is the sex ratio of those that are afflicted with polymyalgia rheumatica?

Women are afflicted twice as often as men.

How often should women douch?

by dating a douch bag and having sex wit =h him

How often do 60 year old women want sex?


Why should I go to hell just for thinking about sex?

you will not be going to hell for thinking about sex, it is a very human and normal thing for men and women to think about sex

What are racial slurs for women?

Women isn't a race its a sex so i think you should reformat your Question and ask "What are Sexist Slurs Against Women"

Why do men think that they are more important than women?

Men were the dominate sex for such a long time, that some still think they have more power than women. They don't.

Do they only want sex if they want to be your lover?

That seems to depend on gender. Men often just want to have sex. Women who want relationships only want sex in the context of a relationship.

Why are some men too nice to women that are no good?

they want sex that's all they think of sex sex sex there no good them self not all men but those men don't mess with them

What does it mean to be eaten out?

It is a slang expression used to describe oral sex, often between two women.

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